August 2017 News

8-31-2017: Two social media posts hoping for political violence, two different reactions

8-31-2017: Harvey Hit Poor Neighborhoods In Northeast Houston The Hardest

8-31-2017: Houston's historically black neighborhoods devastated by flooding, with little safety net

8-31-2017: Houston celebs support forgotten Black Hurricane Harvey victims

8-31-2017: Georgia cop to driver: "We only kill black people."

8-31-2017: Treasury secretary won't commit to Harriet Tubman on $20 bill plan

Editorial note: It's no surprise the Trump's Treasury Secretary doesn't want Andrew Jackson, a slave owning president replaced by a woman who freed slaves. 

8-30-2017: Why put up barricades before the Stockley verdict?

8-30-2017: ‘Kill all white people’: Suspect in killings of five white men made threat in 2014

8-30-2017: LA City Council votes to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day

Editorial note: See our related post, "Columbus Day – Celebrating Slavery & Genocide".

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8-30-2017: City and developer had secret talks to raze low-income neighborhood, court records show

8-29-2017: St. Louis County may have broken state law by boosting prosecutor's pension

8-29-2017: Houston Flooding Always Hits Poor, Non-White Neighborhoods Hardest

8-29-2017: Whistleblower Sues 30 Miami-Area Cops for Alleged Harassment Campaign

8-28-2017: Activists, clergy warn of 'mass disruption' if ex-St. Louis cop is acquitted of murder

8-28-2017: St. Louis Trainer Bobby Ritter Fired After Appearing in Charlottesville Hate March Photos

8-28-2017: Here's a look at new Missouri laws that take effect today

8-28-2017: Sheriff: Detective placed on leave after video shows him holding gun on motorcyclist

8-28-2017: Trump rolls back limits on military gear for police

8-27-2017: Trump prepares to lift limits on military gear for police

8-26-2017: Thousands in St. Louis likely to see wage drop with new law

8-26-2017: St. Louis County sells Wellston land to politically generous businessmen

8-25-2017: 91-year-old detained after allegedly pointing stick at officers

Editorial note: Last year I mentioned how my father feared police would mistake his cane for a weapon. Also see the article, "Family of 91-year-old calls his charges by Memphis police ‘unacceptable"

8-25-2017: More seniors are taking loans against their homes — and it’s costing them

Editorial note: Also see, "CFPB warns about dangers of taking out a reverse mortgage to delay Social Security"

8-25-2017: As White Nationalist in Charlottesville Fired, Police ‘Never Moved’

8-25-2017: Florida inmate Mark Asay executed by experimental injection

Editorial note: Mark Asay, a white supremacist who shot and killed two people, is the first white man in state history to be executed for killing a black victim, however, the second victim was a white-Hispanic man.

8-24-2017: Mizzou announces full-tuition grants for low-income students

8-24-2017: D.C. judge approves government warrant for data from anti-Trump website

8-232-2017: St. Louis sheriff's deputy claims he was passed over for promotion because he's white

8-23-2017: Driver pushes into protesters in St. Louis street; injuries said to be minor

8-22-2017: City tears up Confederate Drive in Forest Park

8-22-2017: Man shot to death by St. Louis police after stabbing officer

8-22-2017: NAACP travel advisory hurting St. Louis business, head of city tourism agency says

Editorial note: See our related post, "Protest minus distuption or violence equals failure". Here's why the NAACP says Missouri is unsafe for minorities

8-22-2017: St. Francois County judge sends another grandma to prison over court costs

8-22-2017: EU starts in-depth probe of Bayer, Monsanto deal

Editorial note: See our related post, "Bayer and Monstanto: A Marriage Made in Hell"

8-22-2017: Ex-lottery worker who rigged winnings gets 25 years in prison

8-22-2017: J. Edgar Hoover saw Dick Gregory as a threat. So he schemed to have the Mafia ‘neutralize’ the comic

Editorial note: See related "FBI War Against Black America".

8-21-2017: Opioid overdose deaths under-reported in Missouri and Kansas, study says

8-21-2017: Court cop charged in sex assault on woman in New York courthouse, DA says

8-21-2017: Former Ku Klux Klan member turned Catholic priest takes leave after revealing past

8-21-2017: Anti-Defamation League donations spiked 1,000% after Charlottesville

8-21-2017: Over a dozen Cleveland Browns kneel in NFL's largest anthem protest yet

8-21-2017: Baltimore State's Attorney announces third body camera video of 'questionable' police conduct

8-20-2017: Dick Gregory, Comedian and Civil Rights Activist, Dead at 84

Editorial note: Dick was my uncle, my mother's brother. His dedication and commitment to civil rights, human dignity and the struggles of others provided my family with a profound sense of pride and inspired us to be better. Without his influence and example, this site, a free self help legal information site created in the spirit of Dick's sense of service might not exist. The personal sacrafices Dick Gregory made for his fellow man are unimaginable and the world is truely a better place because he lived. I love you, "Uncle Dick", your nephew Randy.

also see: Dick Gregory taught me to learn how to live

8-20-2017: St. Louis police commanders who sued over promotions are promoted

8-20-2017: Elon Musk leads 116 experts calling for outright ban of killer robots

8-19-2017: Ferguson-Florissant schools superintendent faces fraud charges, is on leave

8-19-2017: Executive Order temporarily bans protest around Richmond monument

8-19-2017: Dozens demonstrate in Detroit against white supremacy, Christopher Columbus

Editorial note: See our related post, "Columbus Day – Celebrating Slavery & Genocide".

8-16-2017: ACLU lawsuit accuses University City police of unlawfully arresting black man

8-16-2017: St. Louis black firefighters settle lawsuit over promotional exams

8-16-2017: Ladue graduate shown chanting with neo-Nazi rally supporters in Charlottesville

Editorial note: Since St. Louis has been identified as one of the most segregated cities in the country, the news that a St. Louis area graduate attended the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville comes as no surprise. Since the "there will never be a nigger at SAE" chant by members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, I'm rarely surprised by the behavior of racist or that they exist in St. Louis.

8-16-2017: Baltimore Removes Confederate Statues; Mayor Cites Public Safety

8-16-2017: Trump’s Council of C.E.O.s in Disarray Following Remarks on Protest

Editorial note: In July 2016, I wrote about boycotting companies that don't actively speak out against injustice and oppression perpetrated against the Black community. It is refreshing to see some of the largest companies take a stance against the POTUS for refusing to speak firmly against racism and domestic terrorist.

8-16-2017: Not ‘many sides,’ just three: racists, enablers and anti-racists

8-15-2017: Family of homeless woman who died in Richmond Heights jail settles wrongful death lawsuit

8-15-2017: Two Florida Ku Klux Klan members and ex-prison guards guilty of conspiring to kill black inmate in retaliation for a jailhouse fight

Editiorial note: FBI Says Racist Organizations Have Been Infiltrating Police Departments For Years 

8-15-2017: Days after posing for photos at anti-crime event, St. Louis man shot to death in robbery

8-15-2017: An Ohio officer beat a black man during a traffic stop. A town wants to know why

8-14-2017: Texas Cops Under Fire After Dashcam Reportedly Shows 11-Minute Search of Woman’s Vaginal Area

8-13-2017: As St. Louis tries to rein in tax breaks, aldermen have their own ideas

8-13-2017: St. Louis clergy gather at Old Courthouse to condemn racism and issue a call to action

8-13-2017: Ferguson, Charlottesville show America's true colors

Editorial noteIn 1943, the US War Department released this video to tell Americans not to fall for fascist rhetoric.

8-13-2017: Charlottesville: man charged with murder was pictured at neo-Nazi rally

Editorial note: See our related page, "Why the Reaction Is Different When the Terrorist Is White"

8-12-2017: Reactions to Trump's statement on violence in Virginia

8-12-2017: White nationalist rally in Virginia linked to 3 deaths; Trump decries 'violence on many sides

8-12-2017: Car Hits Crowd After White Nationalist Rally in Charlottesville Ends in Violence

8-12-2017: Scottrade lawsuit an opportunity for St. Louis to hit reset button

8-11-2017: FIRE AND FURY – Unite the Right torch rally ends in violence at the University of Virginia's Rotunda

8-11-2017: Former police chief's mother charged with fraud

8-8-2017: Former Sheriff's deputies avoid prison for selling marijuana seized in drug raids

8-6-20174: St. Louis County NAACP now backs travel advisory issued by national group

8-6-2017: As feds strengthen whistleblower protections, Missouri heads the other way

8-3-2017: Ferguson documentary ‘Whose Streets?’ comes to the masses

8-3-2017: Fired and rehired: Hundreds of officers fired for misconduct returned to policing

8-2-2017: City of St. Louis sued over arrest records

8-2-2017: Urban League convenes Ferguson forum, key detail emerges regarding change in protests when Captain Ron Johnson took command

8-2-2017: Jason Stockley murder trial underway, videos of former STLMPD cop killing Anthony Smith ‘don’t lie’ – but what do they say?

8-2-2017: Missouri fails to keep up with inmate reimbursement goals, costing St. Louis millions, city says

Editorial note: There is a financial incentive for the City of hold prisoners. That may explain why so many poor people are held for non-violent offenses when they can't pay bail.

8-1-2017: Ex-police chief says culture shift needed after officers cheer Trump comments

8-1-2017: Rev. Barber preaches against the politics of oppression at Urban League national conference

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