White Privilege

Our site provides free legal information, however, white privilege and discrimination affects the legal process. When you appear in court, chances are all the positions of power will be held by white people. For example, defendants charged with a traffic or criminal offense will most likely have been ticketed or arrested by a white police officer, face a white prosecutor, be represented by a white lawyer, the jury if there is one will most likely be all white or majority white and the trial will be presided by a white judge. 

Many of those routinely making decisions that affects the lives of black defendants have biases and negative perceptions about African-Americans which is why knowing something about the law yourself is crucial.

Tim Wise – anti-racism activist

The video below is a ten minute clip of a white privilege lecture by Tim Wise, which is one of the best on the subject I've seen. The full video is about an hour long and points out some very interesting facts.

White Like Me – A very interesting 2013 documentary based on Tim Wise's book, "White Like Me". Wise explains how his early education at predominately black schools in the South shaped his personal views. He examines white privilege and his conception of racism through his experiences with his family and in his community.

The full Tim Wise White Privilege, Racism, White Denial & The Cost of Inequality lecture is below, however, it is almost an hour long.

White Privilege II a song by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Jamila Woods

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White Privilege Even Applies to Riots

The media often helps perpetuate the race card and race baiting beliefs with subtle differences and bias in reporting. Two identical events will be described and presented differently when one of those events involves mostly people of African descent. The video below about the Keene Pumpkin Festival riots illustrates this point perfectly.

Also see the article, "11 stupid reasons white people have rioted", which further illustrates differences in media coverage.

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Lessons from a Rigged Game -The video below discusses the effects of having an unfair advantage

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The Promise: A Lesson in White Privilege

White People | Official MTV Documentary


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