Advertising on is a very unique website, that provides self help legal information with an emphasis on Missouri Law, targeted primarily to St. Louis and other Missouri residents but welcomes all visitors. Special emphasis is provided concerning the biases and discrimination which influences the court system. American history, law enforcement and the judicial system have been particularly harsh regarding the treatment, rights and privileges of African Americans. was was created on October 31, 2014 and receives thousands of visitors per week. Advertising on reaches an audience actively searching for legal solutions. Our site also attracts visitors from other states interested in our unique historical and legal content. 

During November 2014,'s first full month of publication, the site only had 226 visits. By the end of November 2015, a year later, the site received 1,252 visits and 22,339 page views. By the end of April, 2016, had 14,515 visits and 43,762 page views. During the month of July 2016 received over 87,000 visits and more than 166,000 page views. Ranked in Top 1% of Websites Worldwide

Many of our visitors spend an hour or more browsing multiple pages on our site. There are over one billion websites worldwide and is ranked in the top 1%, according to Alexa (an Amazon company that tracks website popularity); in fact we are ranked in the top tenth of the top one percent.

Randall Hill, the site's creator, did not accept any donations, sponsors or advertising during the first year so he could shape and control the editorial content & direction without outside influence.'s audience continues to grow. Advertisers should understand that advertising dollars won't buy our silence concerning any issue.

Our visitors are seeking legal information and may need related services. Legal issues often require people to seek other products and services, for example, a visitor researching housing or building code violations may need contractors to assist with lawn cutting, tree removal, hauling, painting, carpentry, guttering, or other home repairs; a person researchng divorce, landlord disputes, evictions or foreclosures may need a locksmith, child care, a new apartment, truck rental, moving services, storage facilities, or real estate agents to help with short sales. 

One in five Americans had a legal issue in the last year according to a survey. The percentage is probably higher for African Americans as evidenced by "driving while black", Better Together's Municipal Court Report, and Pro Publica's report, "The Color of Debt: How Collection Suits Squeeze Black Neighborhoods".

The most common legal issues faced by people were:

  • Lawsuit or civil law: 25%
  • Estate planning or wills: 22%
  • Housing: 20%
  • Personal injury: 15%
  • Traffic violation or DUI: 12%
  • Bankruptcy or financial: 10%
  • Criminal: 9%
  • Employment: 8%
  • Divorce: 7%
  • Discrimination: 5%
  • Other: 25% has a variety of commentary, news and historical information that attracts a wider audience, captures attention, engages our visitors and encourages longer visits which results in increased pageviews per visitor. 

Reach this group of consumers with your message. When you advertise with us, you're not only putting your message in front of thousands, you're supporting the community by sponsoring and supporting a free resource that provides access to legal information to those in need. Our rates are subject to change without notice, so lock-in your rate today!

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