March 2017 News

3-31-2017: St. Louis police shoot man who pointed gun after chase, chief says

Editorial note: Again, it's amazing the number of suspects that point a gun at police without firing but end up getting shot by the police. Some of these officers must be really quick on the draw; they can draw their weapons so quickly, aim and shoot before the suspect can get off a single shot. See our related gun law in Missouri page. 

3-31-2017: Missouri Gov. Greitens Names Two St. Louis-Area Judges

3-31-2017: St. Louis Community College puts three campus officers on paid leave

3-31-2017: City planning to privatize animal control operations

Editorial note: Privatizing government functions creates a profit incentive instead of public service motive. Additionallly, does the Hancock Amendment require a public vote since there is the potential of increased cost which could be considered a hidden tax?

3-31-2017: Messenger: St. Louis has plan to warehouse the homeless north of downtown, literally

3-31-2017: Saint Louis Zoo Chosen as Nation’s ‘Best Zoo’

3-31-2017: Dozen people in police custody after protest blocking two entrances to West Lake landfill

Editorial note: Did St. Louis County have a militarized police presence during this protest?

Legal research animated 250 x 250

3-31-2017: Lawsuit alleges new St. Louis homeless shelter 'not suitable for habitability'

3-31-2017: Faith Perspectives: What shall we do with Larry Rice now?

Editorial note: See our related post, "St. Louis – A Heartless City"

3-31-2017: St. Louis GOP candidate for mayor says he’s got Democratic apathy on his side

Editorial note: This story originally appeared with the headline, "General election for St. Louis mayor features colorful cast". See related, "Every Republican is not Your Enemy, Every Democrat is not Your Friend"

3-31-2017: Sessions vows to fight violent crime and heroin in St. Louis speech

3-31-2017: Every month, Missouri will tell people what it's spending on legal settlements

3-31-2017: Arkansas Readies For 8 Executions, Despite Outcry Over Pace, Method

3-30-2017: Police deny getting St. Louis entrepreneur drunk, denying him lawyer

3-30-2017: Rev. Larry Rice says he will comply with judge's order, close his downtown shelter this weekend

3-29-2017: St. Louis City police chief worries about county proposition that would increase officer pay

3-29-2017: Gun lobbyist group posts pictures of moms for gun safety; moms get death threats

Editorial note: See related, "Gun Law in Missouri" page.

3-29-2017: Missouri lawmakers pushing for ban on toll roads

3-29-2017: Messenger: Missouri's top court executes scheme to fleece the poor; it must end

3-29-2017: Greatest rise in heroin use was among white people, study says

3-28-2017: Four STLMPD officers placed on forced leave, accused of falsely reporting overtime hours

3-27-2017: St. Louis Mayoral candidates talk about weekend gun violence

Editorial note: See related, "Every Republican is not Your Enemy, Every Democrat is not Your Friend"

3-27-2017: Sponsor of St. Louis Soccer Stadium Funding Bill Can't Say if She Personally Supports it

Editorial note: See our related post, "$60 Million in Public Money For a Soccer Stadium? NO!"

3-27-2017: Loophole Lets Missouri Cops Keep Millions in Forfeiture Funds

3-27-2017: U.S. Attorney’s Office Under Investigation After 700 Lawyers Were Spied On in Prison

3-27-2017: NYPD Cop Who Fatally Shot Unarmed Black Teen Quits After Being Found Guilty in Disciplinary Trial

3-27-2017: Flint and Michigan Agree to Settle Water Suit for Almost $100 Million, Dig Up Miles of Pipe

3-27-2017: Activists to target lawmakers who vote against net privacy rules

3-27-2017: AG Sessions Threatens ‘Sanctuary Cities,’ Mayors Fight Back

3-26-2017: Missouri health-care providers worry as pressure continues to curb Medicaid

3-26-2017: St. Louis moves toward community benefit ordinance for major developments

Editorial note: See our related post, "$60 Million in Public Money For a Soccer Stadium? NO!"

3-26-2017: 'People aren't spending': stores close doors in 'oversaturated' US retail market

Editorial note: People aren't spending money because half of all US jobs are in the process of being eliminated. 

3-26-2017: Detroit man: I almost froze to death, and Gorsuch didn't care

3-26-2017: North Hollywood, CA School Budget Cuts Dut To High White Student Percentage Sparks Outrage

3-25-2017: McKee's debt nearly derailed NGA's move to north city

Editorial note: Other than corruption and kickbacks, we never understood why our elected officials continued to throw money at Paul McKee.

3-25-2017: Messenger: Dispute over $3 fee pits sheriffs vs. judges

3-24-2017: Assaults, crimes on MetroLink visible on social media while numbers hard to come by

Editorial note: Almost a year and a half ago, we wrote, "Crime Won't Decrease, Until Oppression Decreases".  People without opportunity believe they have nothing to lose, so crime becomes their best option. Starve or commit a crime, what would you choose?

3-24-2017: Chicago officer who shot black teen 16 times faces 16 new counts

3-24-2017: Woman falsely claims sexual assault by 3 black males

Editorial note: Police say an 18-year-old white woman who burst into a church in northeast Texas and claimed she had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted by three black males in ski masks has admitted she lied.

3-24-2017: No repeal for 'Obamacare' _ a humiliating defeat for Trump

Editorial note: As we mentioned on our Missouri Gun Law page, TrumpCare was being described as a form of democide by some.

3-23-2017: Six charts that illustrate the divide between rural and urban America

3-22-2017: 'You Shot Me, Bro' Tyler Gebhard was killed by a St. Louis County cop he knew, in a home where he was once welcome

3-22-2017: WSJ editorial: Most Americans may conclude Trump 'fake president'

3-22-2017: Americans are dying with an average of $62,000 of debt

3-21-2017: St. Louis MLS owners, city announce charitable partnerships

Editorial note: How insulting! Bribing us with our own money? See our post, "$60 Million in Public Money For a Soccer Stadium? NO!"

3-21-2017: New Poll Shows Majority Of Americans Oppose Discrimination In The Name Of Religion

Editorial note: Today, in the United States, Christianity is the most practiced religion, but as demographics change so might the most popular religion. See related, "First They Came".

3-21-2017: At midway point of session, Missouri Republicans on track with changes to legal system

3-21-2017: Naked man shot by police was holding caulking gun

3-20-2017: African-American Voters Changing Allegiances as Republican Leadership Rises

Editorial note: See, "Every Republican is not Your Enemy, Every Democrat is not Your Friend"

3-21-2017: Columbus Police "Inadvertently Deleted" Thousands Of Hours Of Dash Cam Footage

3-20-2017: Private attorneys pledge to take on some cases from overworked St. Louis public defenders

3-20-2017: St. Louis man, 97, accuses Bank of America of pilfering $77,000 of his retirement savings

3-20-2017: Poll Shows America Really Does Not Like You, Donald Trump

3-20-2017: Tulsa County, Former Sheriff Lose Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Editorial note: Tulsa County (Oklahoma) must pay $10 million in damages, after an imprisoned Army veteran lay in his cell for 51 hours with a broken neck, which resulted in his death.

3-20-2017: Prison guards who ‘boiled schizophrenic inmate to death’ will not face charges

3-20-2017: Dallas police officer fired for using inappropriate force, turning off police camera

3-20-2017: Americans chant ‘Build the wall’ while on vacation in Cancun, Mexico

3-20-2017: More than 100 Chinese cities now above 1 million people

3-19-2017: Boston public schools map switch aims to amend 500 years of distortion

3-18-2017: Who gets the security? In St. Louis, surveillance cameras mostly in wealthier, safer neighborhoods 

3-17-2017: 'I'm glad he's free,' says Florissant woman of her son's overturned conviction after 32 years in prison

Editorial note: This site exist to educate people about the law and their rights so this sort of injustice doesn't happen. I can't imagine having 32 years of my life stolen. Our system of justice is broken and we need to demand it be repaired. 

3-17-2017: Every Republican is not your enemy, every Democrat is not your friend

3-17-2017: Messenger: Downtown MLS stadium boosters believe St. Louis has momentum

Editorial note: Sales tax is high enough in St. Louis and I certainly won't be voting to increase it for a soccer stadium own by millionaires. 

3-17-2017: Driverless flying taxi service set to launch in Dubai

Editorial note: Technology will soon replace jobs many people though were safe. Are you ready? Legal issues and job loss go hand in hand. Start developing other skills and use to learn your rights and how to use the law for your benefit instead of your lawyer's.

3-17-2017: Kids on winning robotics team told, 'Go back to Mexico'

3-17-2017: EPA awards $100 million to upgrade Flint water system

3-17-2017: Judge OKs warrant to reveal who searched a crime victim’s name on Google

3-17-2017: The Feds Just Rolled Back a Rule Protecting You From Overzealous Student Debt Collectors

3-17-2017: Trump administration fights its own agency in federal court

3-17-2017: US government releases previously unseen videos of secret nuclear weapon tests

3-16-2017: Groups call Enterprise Bank minority lending commitment 'groundbreaking'

3-15-2017: St. Louis has many things to offer, including unhappiness

3-15-2017: State budget taking shape with push to repeal tax break for seniors

Editorial note: See our page concerning the property tax credit.

3-15-2017: Lawyers argue to rehang Ferguson-related painting in U.S. Capitol

Editorial note: See our related post, "Police Depicted as Animals in Art"

3-15-2017: Trump budget slashes agency money to boost defense spending

Editorial note: This was predictable, see our post from early January, "Billionaire President Equals Massive Military Industrial Complex Profits"

3-14-2017: Suit: Maplewood targets African-Americans, women, disabled with nuisance ordinance

3-14-2017: Charter school legislation slowly progressing in Jefferson City

Editorial note: See our post, "The Hidden Racism of Charter Schools"

3-14-2017: If you're driving and get stopped by police, Missouri wants you to know what to do

3-14-2017: EPA deputy accused of working with Monsanto to kill cancer study

Editorial note: See our related post, "Bayer and Monsanto: A Marriage Made in Hell"

3-14-2017: Downtown St. Louis Inc. Adding Cops, Eliminating 'Downtown Guide' Program

3-14-2017: SLU medical school put on probation by accreditation agency

Editorial note: See our related medical oppression page which contains a link to area hospital scores.

3-14-2017: Mo. Supreme Court sidesteps decision on legality of St. Louis County water surcharge

3-14-2017: Study: We think black men are bigger than white men (even when they're not)

3-13-2017: Ferguson Market disputes claims as new Michael Brown documentary prompts new protest

3-13-2017: Fed names first African-American regional president

3-12-2017: Illinois considers applying sales taxes to more services

Editorial note: Fortunately in Missouri we have the Hancock amendment which prevent our lawmakers from taxing us without our approval.

3-11-2017: Man shot, three arrested in police-involved shooting in St. Louis County

Editorial note: It's amazing the number of suspects that point a gun at police without firing but end up getting shot by the police. Some of these officers must be really quick on the draw; they can draw their weapons so quickly, aim and shoot before the suspect can get off a single shot. It seems strange that St. Louis City police officers in an unmarked vehicle are actively engaging so far into St. Louis County without St. Louis County taking over the pursuit after passing through a number of county municipalities. See our related gun law in Missouri page. 

3-11-2017: New Ferguson Video Adds Wrinkle to Michael Brown Case

Editorial note: See our related post, The Darren Wilson story has changed and Darren Wilson grand jury verdict not credible

3-11-2017: Lawsuit blames St. Louis alderman in crash that killed pregnant 15-year-old

3-11-2017: Cop Who Tried To Keep Driver From Filming Reignites Debate Over Police Privacy

3-11-2017: Trump And Republicans Expect You To Die, Joe Public

Editorial note: Article discusses Trump's policies as "democide", the killing of people by a government most often based on their socioeconomic status. Also highlighted is the fact that labor is increasingly being replaced by automation.

3-11-2017: Over 150 Civil Rights Groups Call On Trump To Denounce Hate Crimes

3-11-2017: We Compared Obama’s Words To Trump’s And The Result Will Make You Sad

Editorial note: See our related post comparing quotes by Trump vs Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

3-10-2017: Rep. Candidate for Mayor Focuses on Change for the City

Editorial note: See our related post about Andrew Jones, the Black Republican Candidate for mayor.

3-10-2017: Libraries face cuts under Greitens' Missouri spending plan

3-10-2017: Arch update: Kiener Plaza to reopen in May

3-10-2017: 'Super' St. Louis graffiti artist sentenced to 10 years in prison

3-10-2017: Missouri Community Colleges Create Statewide Workforce Training Network

3-10-2017: Over 150 Civil Rights Groups Call On Trump To Denounce Hate Crimes

3-10-2017: How The Racist Backlash To Barack Obama Gave Us Donald Trump

Editorial note: See our related, Farewell to Obama post.

3-10-2017: This Video Breaks Down The Racist History Of ‘King Kong’

Editorial note: See our related racial bias in mass media page.

3-9-2017: An estimated 40,000 young people in St. Louis are unemployed — STL Youth Jobs is trying to fix that

3-9-2017: Missouri History Museum exhibit displays St. Louis’ legacy of protest

Editorial note: It's refreshing to see Black History celebrated other than just in February. See our related, 2017 Black History Month Posts.

3-9-2017: State Rep. Bruce Franks to run for St. Louis mayor as write-in candidate

3-9-2017: We must hold the next mayor accountable

Editorial note: If we truely want change, we need to think differently and more critically than in the past. I would have been elated if my prediction that Lyda Krewson would win if none of the major black candidates exited the race. I was looking at the picture below of Krewson watching the returns and couldn't help but notice how non-diverse her crowd was and I have no reason to believe her adminstration staff will look any differently. We posted today about Andrew Jones, the Black Republican candidate who will run against Krewson in the general election. We shouldn't automatically assume Krewson will be the winner when she only received 5% of the black vote during the primary.

Lyda Krewson, surrounded by family, friends and campaign staffers, checks an update after 85 percent of votes were tallied. NOTE: Originally we linked to a larger photo, but after our comments, the photo was removed

3-9-2017: Missouri hit with lawsuit over 'shockingly inadequate' funding for public defenders

3-9-2017: Minimum wage hike in St. Louis would be blocked by bill passed by Missouri House

3-9-2017: New Security Cameras Coming to Soulard

3-9-2017: Wrongfully Convicted Man Gets $175,000 for 13 Years in Prison

3-9-2017: White House says Trump didn’t know former adviser Flynn had lobbied for Turkey

3-9-2017: Burger-flipping robot replaces humans on first day at work

3-8-2017: Krewson edges Tishaura by 888 votes

3-8-2017: How Krewson won: Deep but narrow support carried her in St. Louis Democratic primary

Editorial note: See our post, "Black Ego Lost the St. Louis Mayoral Race"

3-8-2017: SLPS teacher crowd-funding surgery to remove keloids

3-8-2017: St. Louis voters approve annual fee for short-term lenders

Editorial note: It would have been much better if there could have been a measure to limit the fees or interest rate lenders could charge in order to get a permit. The City now has a financial interest to make sure these pay day lenders stay in business so they can collect their $5,000 extortion fee. How will this help? That five thousand dollars will certainly be passed on to customers in the form of additional fees.

3-8-2017: Attorney records Wilmington officer lying about state law during traffic stop

3-8-2017: Judge who ordered man remotely shocked in court faces $5 million lawsuit

3-8-2017: At the Made in America Store, it's a challenge to keep the aisles full

3-7-2017: Moody's downgrades city's bond rating 

3-7-2017: Former police captain sues city for discrimination, alleges white officers conspired to frame black captain at crime scene

3-7-2017: St. Louis' first Black Restaurant Week aims for diverse audience

3-7-2017: Ohio town to charge overdose survivors with 'inducing panic'

3-7-2017: Maine State Prison bra-removal policy reversed after women visitors object

Editorial note: For those of you visiting loved ones in jail, you need to complain when faced with unreasonable or degrading policy. Six women who complained including one who contacted the state's Human Rights Commission, the prison warden and the Governor reversed the policy of women visitors being required to remove their bras. 

3-7-2017: Samuel L. Jackson leads outrage after Ben Carson refers to slaves brought to US as 'immigrants'

3-7-2017: WikiLeaks publish 1000s of what it says are CIA documents

3-7-2017: Black Americans more often wrongfully convicted: study

3-7-2017: Chance the Rapper donates $1 million to Chicago Public Schools

3-6-2017: Racial bias in the jury room can violate a defendant's right to a fair trial, Supreme Court says

3-6-2017: Judge ordered to read before ruling

Editorial note: I have often felt as if judges haven't read the documents filed in a case and rely only on what is said in court.

3-6-2017: 'Underground' cast on why you can't look away

3-6-2017: Air pollution killing half a million kids each year, says World Health Organization

3-5-2017: Drug overdose fatality rate higher than suicides, cars, guns

3-4-2017: Student Behind Muslim ‘Internment Notice’ Posters Responds to Outrage

Editorial note: See our related post, "Black Concentration Camps?". History can and does repeat itself especially when people forget or naively belief it can't happen.

3-3-2017: NAACP sounds alarm on 'decline' in civil rights commitment

Editorial note: This was predictable, which is why has been telling people to educate themselves about the law so they can help themselves rather than relying on others.

3-3-2017: Harvard seeks to confront historical ties to slavery

Editorial note: See our related page, Truth of How Slavery Started 

3-3-2017: White boy asks for same haircut as black friend 'to confuse his pre-school teacher'

3-3-2017: Russia's meddling in US election could be 'act of war', says Nato commander

Editorial note: See our related post, "Billionaire President Equals Massive Military Industrial Complex Profits".

3-3-2017: Messenger: Delays in road projects threaten federal funds in St. Louis County

3-3-2017: Alderman's stop sign removed by the city

3-2-2017: Messenger: Alderman takes on City Hall; installs her own stop sign

3-2-2017: Final Missouri Times poll shows Krewson with strong lead

Editorial note: The top three black candidates are polled to receive a combined 44% of the vote. This same percentage or higher most likely would have gone to a single black candidate who was endorsed by the other potential viable candidates.  As we mentioned in our post, Divide and Conquer, it was obvious to everyone except the candidates that they were splitting the black vote in a racially polarized city. Many of the things black people complain about, many white people believe don't exist or believe we are exagerating. A black mayor would have an understanding that which only the experience of being black brings. I voted for Reed for president of aldermen and when he ran against Slay, I voted for Jones during her election and re-election for treasurer and I will be voting for French for Mayor this election. However, I feel like I'm wasting my vote, because the ego of the black candidates got in the way of St. Louis having a black controlled Board of Estimate and Apportionment. However, even more importantly, a black mayor would have been in control of the police department  If none of the black candidates win, in the future, I will support any other viable black candidate that runs against them. It's hard to imagine that an intelligent candidate wouldn't realize they would split the vote and ensure Krewson's victory. These candidates demonstrated they were thinking only about their own political future and not what was best for St. Louis' Black Community or the City of St. Louis in General. I've even wondered if one or more of the candidates were paid to run so that the vote would be split. Jamilah Nasheed who had officially declared she was running for Mayor, was the only viable black candidate that demonstrated a team spirit and common sense when she withdrew from the race. If Krewson wins the primary, I will support Larry Rice's independent mayoral candidacy. Larry Rice has helped and supported St. Louis' homeless population for decades. Of all persons in families in emergency shelter, African Americans account for approximately 90 to 95 percent of this population in St. Louis.  

3-2-2017: Ex-St. Louis police officer acquitted of gun, drug charges

3-2-2017: St. Louis circuit attorney sets up hotline to report alleged voter fraud during Tuesday's primary

3-2-2017: Black police captain sues St. Louis police over firing, claiming he was made a scapegoat

3-2-2017: Panel Names Missouri Supreme Court Nominees

3-2-2017: Jeb Bush touts charter schools and vouchers at Missouri Capitol

Editorial note: See our related post, "Hidden Racism of Charter Schools".

3-2-2017: Jailing of officers shakes Baltimore criminal justice system

3-1-2017: Kim Gardner Is St. Louis' First Black Circuit Attorney. That Matters — And She's Just Getting Started 

Editorial note: See our related December post, "The Prosecutor – The Most Powerful Position in the Criminal Justice System".

3-1-2017: Judges, sheriff reach agreement on chief deputy's pay

3-1-2017: Black state legislators call for debt collection reform

3-1-2017: Businesses grapple with hike in St. Louis' minimum wage

3-1-2017: Venezuelans Are Separating Food from Waste as More People Forced to Eat from Garbage

Editorial note: This story reminds me of a quote from a 1935 article written by Adam Clayton Powell.

Have you ever eaten garbage? Dined, but not wined, on bones sucked dry by strangers' mouths, bread soaked in the juices of a garbage can, maybe a rotten tomato as a relish and a partly devoured orange to top of the meal, in which some of the pith still remains? If not, my friends, you are not a member of the new social "odor".

Venezuela, the country with the world's largest oil reserves, is experiencing an economic crisis. This is the sort of crisis that Obama avoided as president. Half of all jobs in the United States are in danger of being eliminated because of automation and robotics. During Trump's administration, expect to see safety net social programs reduced and more people forced into desparate situations, maybe even eatting from garage cans.

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