September 2017 News Items

9-30-2017: Stockley case transcripts reveal misstatements to grand jury

9-30-2017: Missouri Officer Cleared in Fatal Shooting at Traffic Stop

9-30-2017: City begins to weigh potential benefits, risks of privatizing Lambert

Editorial note: I'm always skeptical about schemes such as this. It appears to me to be a way of moving public money into the private hands of friends, associates or even family members. How much "consultant" money will those close to power receive?

9-30-2017: For many, the homeless are a public nuisance. For two men, they are 'our children"

9-30-2017: Our flag has flown over a lot of ugly history

9-29-2017: An Image of an NFL Player Burning the U.S. Flag Is Circulating on Social Media — It's Fake

9-29-2017: 'Close to genocide': San Juan mayor's dire appeal to US for Puerto Rico relief

9-29-2017: I Was an ACLU Legal Observer During the St. Louis Protests. Here’s What I Saw

9-28-2017: Tickets written by MHP in St. Louis City to be prosecuted

Editiorial note: Speeding tickets written in the state of Missouri by the Missouri State Highway Patrol are considered state law violations and are normally heard in circuit courts rather than municipal courts. I wonder if these tickets can legitimately be converted and heard in municipal court?

free money for college

9-28-2017: Black Lives Matter is a movement that can't be sued, judge rules

9-28-2017: Baltimore drops nearly 300 cases over alleged police misconduct

9-28-2017: General Who Turned Around Katrina Response Criticizes Puerto Rico Efforts

Editorial note: For those not old enough to remember Katrina or for those needing a reminder about how horrible Katrina was, check out our government discrimination page.

9-28-2017: U.S. military dispatches three-star general to Puerto Rico amid charges of supply snafus

SeeNearly Half of Americans Don’t Know Puerto Ricans Are Fellow Citizens

9-28-2017: Seward prison inmates stripped, forced to walk past female staff, held naked in cells

9-27-2017: St. Louis named 2nd most violent city in America

9-27-2017: 6-year-old admonished for taking a knee during Pledge of Allegiance at Florida school

Editorial note: See recent post, "Stand For What".

9-27-2017: Ozark Bar Spells Out 'Lynch Kaepernick' in Side-by-Side Jersey Doormats

9-27-2017: Second lawsuit filed against St. Louis over police tactics in protests

9-27-2017: County council calls for investigation into police conduct during Galleria protest

9-26-2017: ‘Blue silence is violence’: Latest protest called for accountability within police department, demanded firing of O’Toole

9-26-2017: Messenger: An anthem can't unite an America tattered and torn by racism

9-25-2017: Clergy assembles at church of reverend charged with felony, calls for investigations of police brutality after Galleria protests

9-25-2017: The breakdown of NFL players who protested during the anthem Sunday

9-24-2017: Former police officer offers a unique perspective

9-24-2017: 97-year-old Missouri WWII vet takes a knee for protesting NFL players; Twitter loves him

9-23-2017: Undercover cop, Air Force officer, med student among those police swept up Sunday night

9-20-2017: ACLU to sue over policing of protests, street medics aid protestors sprayed heavily by police at close range

9-20-2017: St. Louis Residents Call for State Audit of City — With Focus on Police

9-18-2017: Firefighter suspended after allegedly saying he would rather 'save a dog than a million niggers from a fire'

9-18-2017: St. Louis Police Chant ‘Whose Streets? Our Streets!’ After Arresting Protesters

9-15-2017: Ex-St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley found not guilty of murder

9-14-2017: Stockley verdict will be among St. Louis Judge Tim Wilson's last decisions on the bench

9-14-2017: Greitens takes steps to activate Missouri National Guard as St. Louis awaits Stockley verdict

9-13-2017: More St. Louis County cities oppose potential merger

Editorial note: Black St. Louisans need to pay special attention to merger talks. African-Americans are the majority population in the City. We have a newly elected black circuit attorney ("prosecutor" – one of a handful in the entire U.S.), a black sheriff and we should have a black mayor. The treasurer, comptroller, license collector, and board of aldermen president are all black. Six of the nine city wide elected offices are controlled by African-Americans. A city/county merger eliminates many of the positions in the city that currently have sitting black elected officials. A merger eliminates the political capital of the black community. 

9-13-2017: Missouri's $4 billion pension crisis is 'at our doorstep'

9-13-2017: Ferguson drops charges against man after 5 years; he says they cost him his job and home

9-13-2017: Baltimore to keep, clean defaced Francis Scott Key statue

Editorial note: Francis Scott Key was a slave owner and the "Star Spanggled Banner" celebrated the killing of slaves who had freed themselves.

9-12-2017: St. Louis black police union calls for conviction in Stockley murder case

Note: also see, "Jason Stockley Is Guilty of Murder, Says St. Louis Ethical Society of Police"

9-12-2017: In St. Louis, the politics of police reform are tougher than ever

9-12-2017: St. Louis spends far too much on policing, far too little on everything else

9-11-2017: Who is to blame for black political failure? We are!

9-11-2017: Education Department cuts ties to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

9-10-2017: After KC police shot, paralyzed man, his $4.8 million settlement remained secret for years

9-10-2017: ‘You Either Help or Turn Your Head’: Florida Residents Facing Irma Demand Trump Open Mar-a-Lago as a Shelter

9-10-20017: ‘These people need to be protected’: Police won’t release info on lynching of 8-year-old biracial boy

9-9-2017: The Violence of the ’60s Is Nothing Like What We Are about to Face

9-8-2017: The KC librarian on trial for defending a man’s free speech has been found not guilty

9-8-2017: After the Equifax breach, here's how to freeze your credit to protect your identity

9-7-2017: Clergy warn judge ‘blood will be on your hands’ if he acquits Stockley

9-7-20147: St. Louis files lawsuit to challenge narrow defeat of property tax increase

9-7-2017: Missouri governor says National Guard may be activated if Stockley verdict stirs protests

9-7-2017: By signing up on Equifax's help site, you risk giving up your legal rights

9-6-2017: Municipal court reform: a journey of 10,000 steps

9-5-2017: On Stockley Verdict, Anthony Smith's Mother Asks, 'Why Is It Taking So Long?

9-5-2017: Black workers' wage gap has widened for hard-to-explain reasons

Editorial note: Unexplained reasons? Reason – institutionalized racism in government policy, employment practices, housing, banking, insurance and more.

9-5-2017: Officer shoots Ohio newspaper photographer after confusing his tripod and camera for a gun

Editorial note: Last year I mentioned how my father feared police might mistake his cane for a weapon and just about two weeks ago a  91-year-old man was handcuffed after allegedly pointing stick at officers.

9-5-2017: Trump ends 'Dreamers' program, leaving fate of 800,000 uncertain

Editorial note: I'm always amazed when people vote for candidates who are clearly not in there best interest. Hispanics gave 29% of their votes to Trump during the presidential election; now their population will be Trump's largest group of victims. Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Columbia, Peru, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Venezuela are amoung the top countries of origins of DACA eligible populations.

9-4-2017: Former St. Louis prosecutors accused in cover-up of police abuse could face discipline​

Editorial note: Ambry Nichole Schuessler, Bliss Worrell, the daughter-in-law of former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Todd Worrell and Katherine Dierdorf, the daughter of former St. Louis Cardinals football player/broadcaster Dan Dierdorf worked for Jennifer Joyce rather than the current prosecutor Kimberly Gardner.

9-4-2017: 'We don't have anything': landlords demand rent on flooded Houston homes

Editorial note: Even during the disasters you need to know and understand the law. Use to learn how to find and better understand the law.

9-3-2017: Bar closes after employees find out owner donated to ex-KKK leader David Duke

9-2-2017: Man Who Refused to Decrypt Hard Drives Still in Prison After Two Years

9-1-2017: Police Union President Calls Black Lives Matter Protesters Outside Philadelphia Officer's House 'a Pack of Rabid Animals'

9-1-2017: Woman told she’s at fault after parked car sideswiped by St. Louis police vehicle

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