June 2017 News

6-28-2017: Remaining pieces of Confederate Monument removed from Forest Park

6-28-2017: 100 years later, East St. Louis stops to remember the riots that made indelible mark on city

Editorial note: See our race riot page to view video about the East St. Louis Riots.

6-28-2017: Phoenix to Pay $1.5 Million to Family of Rumain Brisbon, Unarmed Black Man Shot by Police

6-28-2017: Candian Supreme Court upholds worldwide order directing Google to block content

6-27-2017: Confederate monument will be gone from Forest Park by Friday under new agreement

6-27-2017: Missouri trooper enters plea, avoids trial in handcuffed drowning of Iowa man

6-27-2017: Missouri Supreme Court backs confining sex offenders indefinitely

6-27-2017: St. Louis gives MetroLink officers permission to issue tickets in city limits

6-27-2017: Missouri Supreme Court backs confining sex offenders indefinitely

6-27-2017: Missouri has second most racial terror lynchings outside the Deep South

6-27-2017: Girl's feet burned by overheated manhole cover in newly reopened Kiener Plaza

6-27-2017: EPA seeks to scrap rule protecting drinking water for third of Americans

6-27-2017: Three Chicago cops indicted in Laquan McDonald case

6-27-2017: Alton Sterling's children sue Baton Rouge police over his death

6-25-2017: St. Louis didn't get MLS, but McKee got more time and the chance to buy stadium site

6-25-2017: As drug deaths rise, St. Louis County may use portable morgue meant for disasters

6-24-2017: DeVos Appoints CEO Of A Student Loan Company To Head Federal Aid Agency

6-24-2017: Surveillance technology could come under board scrutiny if city measure passes

6-24-2017: The opioid epidemic is so bad that librarians are learning how to treat overdoses

6-23-2017: Line break dumps 2 million gallons of raw sewage into Mississippi River daily

6-23-2017: Mistrial in Cincinnati Shooting as Officer Is Latest Not to Be Convicted

Editorial note: This case was profiled on our Racial Bias in Mass Media page and includeds the body cam video of the murder. It's hard to understand how any jury would be hung in this case.

6-23-2017: Stop sending EMS to respond to overdose calls, councilman says

6-23-2017: U.S. Muslim group launches cellphone app to report hate crimes

Editorial note: Great idea, instead of relying upon law enforcement for data, they are creating their own. This is an idea that needs to be adopted by other civil rights organizations.

6-23-2017: Court says Iowa lottery rigging investigation took too long

6-22-2017: White St. Louis cop shot black off-duty officer — then claimed it was a ‘friendly fire’ incident

6-22-2017: Police officers getting a 30 percent pay raise in St. Louis County

6-22-2017: Ex-St. Louis officer charged with murder seeks dismissal, change of venue before July trial

6-22-2017: Dashcam Footage Shows Minnesota Cop's 'Brutal Attack' On Asian Driver

6-21-2017: 24-hour suspension proposed in Ohio officer head-kick case

6-21-2017: Admitting His Contempt, Trump Says 'Poor Person' Shouldn't Run Economy

6-20-2017: Wrongful death lawsuit over death of Michael Brown settled in secret

Update: See – Settlement in Michael Brown suit $1.5 million, Ferguson attorney says. It's unfortunate that a trial won't occur. The evidence revealed by a trial in open court may have revealed new details that were hidden during the secret grand jury proceeding. 

6-20-2017: Dashcam video shows officer firing 7 shots into Castile car

Editorial note: The video captures Yanez telling Castile his brake lights are out. Then he asks Castile for his driver's license and insurance. See our related, "Why White Cops Kill Black Men" page.

Castile hands over the cards and says, "Sir, I do have to tell you I do have a firearm on me."  Yanez says, "Okay. Don't reach for it then."  "I'm not pulling it out," Castile responds.  Yanez's voice rises suddenly and he yells, "Don't pull it out. Don't pull it out."  Yanez fires seven shots into the vehicle. Five hit Castile. 

6-20-2017: Hazelwood district says budget will be balanced after cuts that include 31 teaching positions

6-20-2017: KC police plan to outfit officers with body cameras as price tag reaches $6 million

6-19-2017: State troopers to begin patrolling St. Louis interstates, freeing up police for violent crime

6-19-2017: Low-income families can double their money by buying local produce at Schnucks

6-19-2017: Judge: Forest Park's Confederate monument can't be removed until trial

6-19-2017: Seattle police fatally shoot pregnant woman who they say confronted officers with a knife

6-16-2017: Hundreds Protest After Minnesota Officer Found Not Guilty In Philando Castile Death

Editorial note: Some comments from #CharleenaLyles: "The expectation of black people having to be perfect and not in distress to not get killed by police is exhausting.", "Mentally ill Black ppl get killed by police while mentally ill white ppl get labeled "ill" after they kill a few folks.", "Same police department. Same weapon. White man is apprehended after a standoff. Black woman is killed in front of her kids."  Our page, "Why White Cops Kill Black Men" is centered around a book written by a former Seattle Police Chief who stated that police training teach them to fear black men – and obviously, black women as well. There were two victims including the unborn baby. 

6-16-2017: The Breakthrough: Uncovering NYC Cops Making Millions in Suspicious Deals

6-15-2017: The Ironic Thing About the Two Black Congressional Baseball Shooting Heroes

Editiorial note: The two officers, Crystal Griner and David Bailey, credited with saving the lives of Republican congressmen were black. See our related post, "Why the reaction is different when the terrorist is white".

6-14-2017: Special counsel is investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice, sources say

6-12-2017: Krewson, Stenger back latest push for city-county coordination

6-12-2017: St. Louis police warn of 'mass exodus,' but numbers are anecdotal

6-12-2017: Missouri parole board member resigns amid word game revelations

6-12-2017: Missouri wraps up plan to fix failing schools

6-12-2017: Is there structural racism on the internet?

6-10-2017: Car break-ins are so bad they're part of St. Louis culture, like baseball and barges

6-10-2017: St. Louis County paid for auditor's resignation — and silence

6-9-2017: Former St. Louis County judge was 'threatening' during DWI stop, police records claim

6-8-2017: U.S. Supreme Court upholds ruling that Houston bail system is unfair

6-1-2017: As Missouri photo ID voting law goes into effect, opponents equate it to 'Jim Crow'

6-1-2017: Racism, redlining, tax abatement and why your property taxes are going up

6-1-2017: Jury finds man guilty of jury tampering after passing out juror rights pamphlets

Editorial note: See related, "Jury Nullification: The Top Secret Constitutional Right" and then tell everyone you know.

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