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Court.rchp.com is unique and contains free legal information specifically targeted to Black people. Black people have been the targets of an unfair legal system. All visitors are welcome, but the history of black people in the United States is distinctive; they are the only group of people brought here against their will and laws were created specifically to enslave and oppress them.

You would be surprised by the number of family members, friends, co-workers and church members who have legal issues, but they are often too embarrassed or ashamed to mention they need help.

Bookmark this site and share it with others. Are you scheduled to appear in court? Print a flyer, cut it in sections, and share them with at least four others in court.

Law controls everything!

The law determines what activities you can or can't do, what rights you have, what is taught to your children in school, and covers just about every aspect of our lives. Our actions are dictated by law when the law changes, our actions must change. Even parents have become more cautious; it's becoming difficult to discipline a child without some law being broken. The law was designed to be confusing by those who control it. This site attempts to demystify the law.

Most people who attended public school were never taught about the law or how to navigate our legal system. In social studies, students are taught the bare minimum in order to pass the required constitution test, however, that information is almost useless when standing before a judge.

If you don't help spread the word, who will?

Black people are targeted as a group for legal action more than just about any other group. See, "The Color of Debt: How Collection Suits Squeeze Black Neighborhoods" and "Debt collection lawsuits squeeze St. Louis area’s black neighborhoods" and everyone is now aware of municipal court abuses.

This site has existed for more than a year, press releases were sent announcing this freely available legal resource, however, not one article that we know of has been written about it. Some would suggest there is an effort to keep black people uninformed about the law the same way slaves were prevented from reading. See Brief History of U.S. Law and comments about the legal profession.

As of Sunday, February 21, 2016, this site has more 150 pages and post. The site is constantly growing and will become even more helpful as time goes by. Click the green search square to see if there is any information on our site concerning your topic.

False Freedom

As mentioned on our home page, Democracy is not freedom. “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote“.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Ever since the thirteenth amendment, chattel slavery has been abolished, except for those convicted of a crime. Slavery is also defined as drudgery, toil or submission to a dominating influence

To some degree, each of us are slaves, but some are more enslaved than others and black folks are among the most enslaved. The law is used to strip away rights, garnish wages, take property, remove children and incarcerate. Possessing greater legal knowledge can help remove some of the shackles of modern enslavement.

Most people reading this are "currency slaves," meaning that they must work to survive, but at the same time, almost all of them strongly believe they are free. However, stop paying taxes for things you think you already "own" (house, car, land, etc.) and see what happens. See: Slavery Isn’t Over They Just Changed What They Called It

At the formation of this country, some people were actually free. People could live off the land, without worrying about paying property, income and other taxes that enslave us today. Landowners could be totally self-sufficient; they could hunt or raise animals on the land, grow crops, build homes and heat them with lumber cut from the land. However, let us be clear, freedom came on the backs of those enslaved and the land was often stolen from natives.

Black folks are the group most affected by mass incarceration and other legal constraints and control such as probation. Mass incarceration occurred because the vast majority of people accused of a crime, whether innocent or guilty, didn't fully understand their rights and options under the law. Many black folks are in jail today, not because the prosecutor had a strong case against them, but because people bargained away their freedom with plea bargains.

Use this site to turn your family, friends and yourself into well-armed lambs. Tell everyone you can about this website. As black people become more empowered as a group, we will become stronger individually. Otherwise, we might be led to the slaughter.

Graph of increasing prison population since war on drugs began

Poverty Pimps

Too often, black people rely on others for help. This has resulted in many individuals and organizations becoming what my father for decades has called, "poverty pimps".

Poverty pimps act as intermediaries on behalf of the poor and often profit unduly from the misfortune of others. These organizations offer help and assistance as long as donations and federal or state funds are received. They don't usually explain how you can help yourself. You must go through them if you want help, which ensures their livelihood. It's in their best interest to keep you dependent upon them, so they can continue to earn their living. Poverty has become a career for poverty pimps.

This site is different. We want you to be self-sufficient and not dependent on others for your needs. This site lists hundreds of outside sources where you can find resources to better represent yourself.

This site was self-funded by its creator even as he was enduring his own legal and financial challenges. I have sons, nieces, and nephews and I want them and their future children to grow up in a world free of oppression.

Black vs African American

For those who wonder why I use the descriptor "Black" rather than "African-American", a white person from South Africa or another African country, who becomes a U.S. citizen could technically be called an "African American".

Traditionally, “African-American” refers to descendants of enslaved Black people who are from the United States. The reason we use an entire continent (Africa) instead of a country (e.g., “Italian-American”) is because slave masters purposefully obliterated tribal ancestry, language, and family units in order to destroy the spirit of the people they enslaved, thereby making it impossible for their descendants to trace their history. This was all an effort to prevent enslaved people from organizing and revolting their bondage.

Taken a step further, the argument could be made that a White immigrant from an African country would simply be considered a native of that country. For example, a naturalized White South African would be identified as a South African America since his country of origin is known, but it is equally true that he is from the continent of Africa.

I'm not certain if the law would exclude a White African from claiming benefits or entitlements ear marked for "African Americans" although I can't think of any existing entitlements that are specifically ear marked for Black people; generally set asides are for minorities in general. Some people falsely believe affirmative action is only for black people, when in fact affirmative action has helped white women more than any other group.


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