October 2017 News

10-31-2017: Abuse, neglect reported at St. Louis Veterans Home

10-31-2017: St. Louis Community College considers cuts, including 18 percent of full-time faculty

10-31-2017: Utah nurse reaches $500,000 settlement in dispute over her arrest for blocking cop from drawing blood from patient

Editorial note: When the victim is White – WOW! This incident just happened three months ago on July 26, 2017. The cop was wrong, however, she was not tased, thrown to the ground, punched or shot as many black victims have been who were also captured on video. Video of the incident is below.

In contrast, the City of St. Louis settled a wrongful death civil rights suit for $900,000 with the family of Anthony Lamar Smith, killed by St. Louis police officer, Jason Stockley, but was found not guilty by a retiring judge. This is why protesters are still active in the City of St. Louis. Until justice is served on a regular basis regarding police brutality, these sort of protest should happen all over the country. How can you be outraged about what happened to this nurse, but not when a similar action results in deaths, especially kids.


10-30-2017: St. Louis County Council sues Stenger over auditor hiring freeze

10-30-2017: Most Texans kneel following owner’s ‘inmates running the prison’ comment

10-29-2017: Judge rules in favor of teachers sued by St. Louis school district

10-28-2017: St. Louis municipal court limits cash bail

10-28-2017: NAACP asks new U.S. attorney to investigate police handling of protests

10-28-2017: New York police officers 'charged with raping handcuffed teenager in their van'

10-28-2017: Americans are retiring later and dying sooner — and are sicker in-between

10-27-2017: St. Louis, Long a Coal Capital, Votes to Get All of Its Power From Clean Sources

10-27-2017: Yes he can: Barack Obama plans to show up for jury duty, judge says

Editorial note: Check out, "The Importance of Jury Duty" and "Jury Nullification: The Top Secret Constitutional Right".

10-26-2017: Black protesting not open for white approval

10-26-2017: World's witnessing a new Gilded Age as billionaires’ wealth swells to $6tn

10-25-2017: Some Cook County Judges Often Deny Public Defenders When Defendants Post Bond

10-25-2017: Judge Removes Fatal Shooting of Black Man From Ex-Tulsa Officer’s Record

10-25-2017: Trump Administration Labels Blacks Concerned About Police Brutality as Potential Terrorists

Editorial note: See related "FBI War on Black  America" on our US Government Discrimination page.

10-24-2017: Missouri private University adds mandatory patriotism education for all freshman

10-24-2017: Colin Kaepernick Signs $1M Book Deal With Random House

10-23-2017: Man alleges judge offered reduced legal fee in exchange for sex

10-23-2017: ‘Pepper spray is the new firehose’: ACLU, city debate the legality of police actions at injunction hearing

10-23-2017: ‘My heart cries on the inside’: Families of those killed by police get emotional during protester in die-in

10-23-2017: This instructor calls on black women first and white men last. Critics want her fired

10-22-2017: Putting the 'village' in Ballpark Village – $261 million will transform the skyline

10-21-2017: St. Louis Public Schools sues 32 teachers for quitting their contracts

10-20-2017: 86-year-old in intensive care after Kingstree police used Taser against unarmed black motorist

10-20-2017: Wannabe Tulsa, Okla., Cop Who Killed Unarmed Black Man Released From Prison After Serving Less Than Half His 4-Year Sentence

10-20-2017: In St. Louis, Protests Over Police Violence Disrupt Economy, and Win Attention

10-20-2017: Homeless services in St. Louis are stressed, seek more help

10-20-2017: St. Louis Community College plans $39 million revamp of Forest Park campus

10-20-2017: Missouri Supreme Court Rules on Public Defender Caseloads

10–20-2017: Black Protester Hugs Squirming Nazi, Quips, ‘Why Don’t You Like Me, Dog?’

Editorial note: Black protester hugs white nationalist and asks "why do you hate me"? After a pause the response was, "I don't know".  "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." – Martin Luther King, Jr.

10-20-2017: Why Don't We Build Amazon a Goddamn Stargate While We're at It

10-20-2017: Story of Missouri slave who murdered her rapist owner is back in national spotlight

10-19-2017: A month after Stockley verdict, demonstrators stay in the streets

10-19-2017: Homicide tally at 160 in St. Louis, six more than this time last year

10-19-2017: Judge: Testimony about St. Louis police conduct during recent protests 'very, very concerning'

10-19-2017: Missouri v. Celia, a Slave: She killed the white master raping her, then claimed self-defense

10-17-2017: Missouri appeals court tosses out $72 million dollar Johnson & Johnson talcum powder verdict

10-18-2017: Remembering Dick Gregory

10-18-2017: Judge rules prosecutor 'knowingly and purposefully' violated Missouri Sunshine Law

10-17-2017: LAPD becomes nation's largest police department to test drones after oversight panel signs off on controversial program

10-17-2017: St. Louis and St. Louis County libraries partner to offer online high school degree program

10-17-2017: No Aaron Rodgers? Packers fans start a petition for the perfect replacement — Colin Kaepernick

10-17-2017: NFL anthem policy unchanged after meeting, players angry Kaepernick wasn't invited

10-16-2017: 'I'm Playing My White Card': Drunk Man Berated Black Woman on St. Louis Flight

10-16-2017: 9 States Will Require Passports for Domestic Flights Within the U.S.

Editorial note: Missouri is one of the nine states.

10-16-2017: Without Kaepernick, what is NFL saying to black fans?

10-16-2017: DEA responds to explosive "60 Minutes" report about opioid crisis

10-16-2017: Georgia Supreme Court rules police cannot compel drivers suspected of DUI to take a breathalyzer

10-15-2017: It’s been a month of St. Louis protests, and slowly, change is happening

10-13-2017: Krewson names Judge Jimmie Edwards director of Public Safety

10-13-2017: Louisiana sheriff argues against releasing 'good' prisoners needed for money-saving menial labour

10-13-2017: ‘You are my slave:’ School’s Civil War Day sparks mom’s ire

10-12-2017: St. Louis County's 'Interfering' with Police Law Is Unconstitutional, Lawyers Argue

10-12-2017: White manager accused of enslaving black worker at Conway restaurant is charged in civil rights case

10-11-2017: Homicides, violent crime surging in St. Louis County

10-11-2017: Nine white supremacists among 44 arrested in gun, drug bust in Russellville, AK

10-10-2017: NFL owners to consider rule change that would require players to stand for national anthem: Report

Editorial note:

10-10-2017: New video released by Detroit police shows off-duty officer using baton during arrest at Meijer

Editorial note: Even when the police officer is black, excessive force should never be excused. However, black cops seem to always be held accountable when the victim is white, but black victims rarely receive justice. This needs to end and the peaceful St. Louis protest in response to Officer Stockley's acquittal is a step in the right direction. Only disruption will cause any meaningful change. If people with the power to change things aren't negatively affected, why would they bother to change things?

10-9-2017: Christopher Columbus statues vandalized across New England

Editorial note: See our related post, "Columbus Day: Celebrating Slavery & Genocide." 

10-9-2017: After screw-up, St. Louis again reigns as STD capital of America

10-9-2017: Who killed Alberta Jones, Louisville’s first black female prosecutor?

10-8-2017: Gangs in St. Louis may not be driving violence in the way you think

10-8-2017: Hazelwood 11-year-old goes viral for launching book club for boys

10-8-2017: Dove Drops Ad After It Draws Criticism for Being Racist

10-7-2017: FBI terrorism unit says 'black identity extremists' pose a violent threat

Editorial note: See related "FBI War on Black  America" on our US Government Discrimination page.

10-6-2017: The judge called it rehab, but it ended up being a 'slave camp' in Oklahoma

10-6-2017: Georgia sheriff, deputies indicted after body searches of 900 high school students

10-5-2017: On the streets: Medical discharge from hospital is no ticket into St. Louis' new Biddle House shelter

Editorial note: See our related post, "St. Louis – A Heartless City"

10-4-2017: Liquor commissioner in St. Louis should get his job back, judge says

10-4-2017: ‘Eminent Domain/Displaced’ opens at The Griot, sheds light on black neighborhoods lost to redevelopment

10-4-2017: Ex-Obama officials begin health insurance sign-up campaign

10-3-2017: Prosecutor wants independent team to lead investigations into all St. Louis police shootings

10-3-2017: Protesters canvass North side to lend support through voter registration, community resources

10-2-2017: U.S. conducted secret radiation testing during Cold War, author claims

10-1-2017: Officer shoots man armed with sword, handgun in south St. Louis County, police say


Editorial note: Over the past two decades, hundreds of Minnesota law enforcement officers have been convicted of criminal offenses. Most were never disciplined by the state.

10-1-2017: On-duty NYPD officers 'handcuffed 17-year-old girl, took her to deserted spot and raped her'

10-1-2017: Blacks — but not whites — had to pay before eating at this Denny’s

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