December 2017 News

12-29-2017: St. Louis launches web portal for public records requests

12-27-2017: 3 St. Louis officers won't be prosecuted in March shooting of man who pointed gun at police

12-12-2017: St. Louis Cops Lead Nation in Rate of Police Shootings

12-11-2017: Diner owner seeks to be the change she wants to see in her north St. Louis neighborhood

12-9-2017: Mother says school officer broke 7th-grader's arm; St. Ann police say boy hurt himself

Editorial note: See our related "Educational Oppression" page, and read my response when my son was treated harshly by school policy on our " School to Prison Pipeline" page.

12-8-2017: After 40 years, priest who used to be in the KKK finally apologized to couple he targeted in cross burning

12-8-22017: Americans are drowning in debt. Here's where they have it the worst.

12-7-2017: St. Louis officers were bribed to provide accident reports to chiropractor, feds say

12-7-2017: Ex-cop Michael Slager sentenced to prison for killing of unarmed black man

12-7-2017: Three Dallas cops charged in death of man who called 911 for help

12-6-2017: Medication denied: St. Louis inmates claim medical neglect in local jails

12-6-2017: My taxes probably are going up. Are yours?

12-6-2017: ACLU: New Mexico deputies kept pulling over black US agent

12-6-2017: Most open board seats were filled this year by women and minorities. That's the first time that's happened.

12-2-2017: Gun theft from legal owners is on the rise, quietly fueling violent crime across America

12-1-2017: Why the UN is investigating extreme poverty … in America, the world's richest nation

12-1-2017: 30 Black-Owned St. Louis Restaurants You Should Have Tried By Now

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