July 2017 News

7-29-2017: Some county municipalities plan to use Prop P 'public safety' tax to fill potholes, clear snow

7-28-2017: Lawyers keep leaving St. Louis Circuit Attorney's office

Editorial note: Black prosecutors are rare, prosecutors are nearly exclusively white. It's no surprise that a city with a vast history of corruption, segregation and racial bias will have some existing lawyers leave when a new black prosecutor takes office, especially if they realize business as usually is no longer acceptable. Remember, just last year, a St. Louis prosecutor who helped cover up the beating of a suspect was disbarred and plead guilty to criminal charges.

7-25-2017: Appeals court upholds judge's decision not to dismiss lawsuit against Ferguson police

7-24-2017: Study ranks St. Louis as one of 10 worst segregated cities

7-23-2017: Caught on camera, St. Louis County cops cover their tracks

7-22-2017: Portable air-conditioning units ordered for medium-security jail in St. Louis

7-21-2017: Did the police chief lie about the friendly fire shooting of a black cop? Mayor said she would fire police chief if he lied to her and citizens

7-21-2017: Police use pepper spray to disperse protest outside St. Louis jail

Editorial note: See "Proposed Law Seeks to Reform System That Jails People Just for Being Poor"

7-20-2017: Black judge removes Mississippi flag with Confederate emblem from court

7-19-2017: St. Louis Workhouse Inmates Beg for Help from Blistering Heat

7-12-2017: Proposed $3 garbage fee hike for St. Louis advances

7-12-2017: Missouri prisoner was repeatedly assaulted while state workers lied about cell checks

7-10-2017: St. Louis minimum wage will drop from $10 to $7.70

7-10-2017: St. Louis County to open 24-hour cooling center

Editorial note: This is a great ideal and exactly the sort of thing government should do, however, St. Louis County needs more than a single center, especially in lower income portions where a cooling center would be more helpful. 

7-10-2017: Governor approves St. Louis zoo tax measure

Editorial note: Based upon the 2016 St. Louis Zoo Income Statement, the single largest source of revenue came from taxes, $27 million; the second largest revenue source was food sales, $11 million. St. Louis City and County taxpayers are footing the bill so that others can enjoy free entertainment. Last year the St. Louis Zoo Museum District said it was not interested in charging out of town visitors for admission, however, it is interested in asking us for additional tax revenue. Ironically, the only people for who the Zoo is not free is STL City and County residents, because we pay taxes. The Zoo already requires a separate admission fee to the Children's Zoo, Sea Lion Show, and other attractions inside the Zoo, however, City or County residents don't even get a discount on those attractions. When City and Country residents travel, other cities don't offer them comparable "free" entertainment options such as the Zoo, that's why the Zoo was recently voted the best free attraction in the United States, because other cities are charging! 

7-10-2017: State tests show radioactive contamination in stormwater at West Lake Landfill

7-10-2017: Gov. Greitens announces public safety plan for St. Louis, including troopers on interstates

7-10-2017: DeKalb County police face investigation after viral video shows officer beating homeless woman

7-10-2017: FDA Considers Forcing Doctors to Learn About Opioids

7-10-2017: Black Lives Matter: Crowdfunding Site Removes Page Raising Money for Louisiana Police to Sue Protesters

7-9-2017: Officer who killed Castile to be paid $48,500 in buyout

7-9-2017: Gap in white and black homeownership grew in St. Louis in past decade

7-9-2017: 500 Veterans Affairs Employees Fired Since January

7-8-2017: McCulloch is biggest beneficiary of St. Louis County pension changes

7-5-2017: NPR tweets the Declaration of Independence, and people freak out about a ‘revolution’

7-6-2017: US-led air strikes 'killed 224' civilians in Raqqa

7-5-2017: Man known for hugs 'hangs' himself in protest

Editorial note: Alabama Man "lynches" Himself as a Peaceful Demonstration

7-5-2017: U.S. lottery rigged, then payout used for offshore tax scam

7-4-2017: After questioning costs, St. Louis offers more tax credits for McKee project

7-4-2017: Lincoln University fights for survival amid budget pressure

7-4-2017: Judge tells Ontario woman who has sued dozens she is no longer welcome in court

7-3-2017: In Missouri, tax cuts are on the way

7-3-2017: Illinois House approves major income tax hike as Republicans break with Rauner

Editorial note: This is why it's great Missouri has the Hancock Amendment.

7-3-2017: Processional honors lives lost during East St. Louis race riot 100 years ago

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