January 2016 News

1-31-2016: Woman Pulls Over Cop, Accuses Him Of Speeding — And Gets An Apology

1-31-2016: Where Are The Most Violent Cities In The World? 

Editorial note: St. Louis was ranked the 15th most dangerous city in the World.

1-31-2016: Welfare verification requirement gains momentum in Missouri

Editorial note: State Rep. Marsha Haefner, a Republican from St. Louis County stated, “We can’t take care of the people who actually need help if we’re using all our resources on people who don’t need it." I agree, that's why we shouldn't have spent over $16 million on a failed stadium bid or even considered giving hundreds of millions of dollars to Stan Kroenke. According to the ShowMeInstitute, Missouri Is One of the Top States . . . in Corporate Welfare. The benefits you allow to be cut today might be benefits you need in the future. More than a million retirees could see their pensions cut in half or more come July 2016.  A U.S. News article, "Nickel and Diming the Poor", discusses how efforts in Kansas and Missouri to restrict food stamp use, demonize low-income families and waste time.  Three years ago, it was predicted that half of all job that exist will be gone within ten years.

1-31-2016: Officials think bias training not as needed in Cape Girardeau county juvenile system

1-31-2016: Iowa voters unrepresentative of broader America, except in their anger

1-30-2016: Over 1 million face loss of food aid over work requirements

Editorial note: The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, will cause more than 500,000 and as many as 1 million of the nation’s poorest people will be cut off SNAP (formerly known as the Food Stamp Program). Adults aged 18-49 who are not physically or mentally unfit for work or caring for a minor child are ineligible for SNAP if they have received three months of SNAP benefits while unemployed or not in a work or training program for at least 20 hours a week during the previous 36 months. Among those who report their race, about half are white, a third are African American, and a tenth are Hispanic.

1-29-2016: St. Louis police to undergo drug and alcohol testing after shootings, wrecks

1-29-2016: St. Louis city officials looking at bringing red light cameras back

1-28-2016: Why Getting Sued Could Be the Best Thing to Happen to New Orleans’ Public Defenders

Editorial note: Public defenders caseloads were so heavy that they were spending only seven minutes preparing for each of their cases. This is one reason people should learn more about the law and their rights. See Public Defender – Pros and Cons.

1-28-2016: Cap on non-traffic violation revenue passed by Missouri Senate

1-28-2016: Missouri Senate Moves Toward Banning Traffic Ticket Quotas

1-28-2016: Former judge arrested for DWI

1-28-2016: U.S. judge says St. Louis County must include non-major parties candidates on ballots

1-28-2016: Former Pine Lawn police lieutenant guilty of federal charges

1-28-2016: DEA rolls out new anti-drug initiative in St. Louis

1-28-2016: Mayor's office pushing for more police in St. Louis

1-28-2016: St. Louis Police to Install Recording Cameras in Holding Cells After Outcry Over In-Custody Death

1-28-2016: Senate considers proposals to expand Missouri expungement law

Editorial note: Usually, if your record is expunged (erased or closed), you will not have to state that you were arrested. Petition Form for Expungement of Arrest Record. Missouri statutes related to expungement are RSMO 610.122, 610.123610.124, 610.125, 610.126, 610.130 and 610.140.

1-28-2016: Volunteers taking to St. Louis streets to count homeless population

1-28-2016: Asbestos error could cost Arch project $350,000, plus weeks of delay

1-28-2016: Missouri Senate bill no longer targets Kansas City earnings tax

Note: St. Louis' earnings tax is still targeted.

1-27-2016: Missouri judges' education will include racial anti-bias training

1-27-2016: Public costs of recent flooding in Missouri at $56 million and counting

1-27-2016: St. Louis County police board reprimands Chief Belmar over letter for drug dealer

1-27-2016: St. Louis police officer had cocaine in system during crash, prosecutor says

1-27-2016: Meet the Flint woman who blew the whistle on the city's water crisis

1-27-2016: Ohio village schools reopen amid controversy over lead contamination

1-27-2016: Ferguson releases proposed settlement with the Justice Department

1-27-2016: In Ferguson, vote to replace deceased councilman exposes racial divide

1-27-2016: McCaskill's jury duty over; verdict reached in civil trial

Editorial note: See why I prefer jury trials.

1-27-2016: FTC sues DeVry, alleging school deceived students about job prospects

Editorial note: See January 20th news post how students can apply to have their student loans forgiven..

1-27-2016: Auditor: only half comply with reporting requirements of new municipal reform law

1-27-2016: Sales tax could fund a Major League Soccer stadium in St. Louis

Editorial note: Let's not go down this road again, after just spending over $16 million dollars in a failed NFL stadium proposal. St. Louis already had a soccer team, the St. Louis Steamers. If St. Louis is such a great location for soccer, teams should be willing to finance their own startup cost, just like every other business in America.

1-27-2016: Charges and civil suit dropped against Sunset Hills mayor over bicycle incident

1-27-2016: $15 million, and Missouri's flood damage toll could go higher

1-27-2016: Olivette City Council approves contracts for new municipal center, road

1-26-2016: Missouri State Representative wants St. Louis to use sheriff’s deputies for police work

1-26-2016: Former St. Louis prosecutor who admitted helping cover up officer's assault has law license suspended

1-26-2016: St. Louis police going high-tech in analyzing officer-involved shootings

1-26-2016: Measure further limiting municipal court revenue approved by state Senate

1-26-2016: Cleveland firing 6 officers involved in 137-shot barrage

Editorial note: Police officers fired 137 shots at an unarmed black man and woman killing both. See, “Why White Cops Kill Black Men"

1-26-2016: Final Zoo Museum District report reveals Botanical Garden pay

1-26-2016: Retiree pension funds underfunded by millions, University City councilman says

1-26-2016: Audit says Lincoln County town exceeded state cap on traffic ticket revenue by $209,057

1-26-2016: MoDOT director says 'tidal wave' of repairs on horizon, urges lawmakers to act

1-26-2016: CityArchRiver reaches $250 million goal for renovation of Arch grounds

1-26-2016: St. Louis school officials will seek property tax increase

1-26-2016: Office of Civil Rights investigating alleged racial bullying at Francis Howell

1-26-2016: Quintonio LeGrier called 911 three times before a Chicago cop shot him

1-25-2016: Too few US state lawmakers are minorities, study finds

Editorial note: Racial and ethnic minorities make up 40% of the U.S. Population, but only 14% of legislatures.

1-25-2016: Ex-prosecutor to lead investigation into Flint water crisis

1-25-2016: Judge Orders Temporary Stop to 'Nipple Law' in Missouri City

1-25-2016: President Obama Bans Solitary Confinement For Juveniles In Federal Prisons

1-25-2016: Shelby County Won't Be Getting $2 Million For Gutting The Voting Rights Act

1-25-2016: Drug dealer who got letters of support from St. Louis County leaders admits money laundering

1-25-2016: St. Louis ex-cop who fatally shot VonDerrit Myers Jr. is charged with unrelated DWI

1-25-2016: Berkeley mayor and wife, a councilwoman, cited for ethics violation

1-25-2016: Supreme Court ruling means chance at freedom for some given life sentences as juveniles

1-25-2016: Texas eighth-grader suspended for rescuing classmate during asthma attack

Editorial note: This kid should be praised as a hero, instead, teachers and administrators are treating black and brown children like criminals resulting in a "school to prison pipeline" that traps them in a vicious cycle.

1-25-2016: St. Louis County firebombing victim feels betrayed by county executive, police chief

1-24-2016: Former Chicago officer returns to advise department on civil rights reform

Editorial note: In response to another police shooting of an unarmed man, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey stated on Meet the Press, “we can’t afford to have that sort of thing in policing, the role we play in a democratic society is just too important.”

1-24-2016: Denver Jail Death Puts New Light On Common Restraint Tactic

1-23-2016: Once lagging neighborhood schools now drive improvement at St. Louis Public Schools

1-23-2016: Meet The Most Powerful Political Organization In Washington

1-23-2016: Superintendent behind Jennings' turnaround to depart

1-22-2016: Loretta Lynch compares visibility of police misconduct to civil rights era

1-22-2016: Bill Cosby wins in Pennsylvania court; defamation lawsuit dismissed

1-22-2016: More babies are being born with organs outside their bodies, and experts have no idea why

Editorial note: A rare birth defect has become more common in recent years, particularly for young African American mothers.

1-21-2016: Homeowners take note: You may have more tax deductions than you know

1-21-2016: How a year and a half of pension progress was wiped out in just three months

1-21-2016: Georgia grand jury indicts police officer for murder of black man

Editorial note: See, "Why White Cops Kill Black Men"

1-21-2016: HRW: Rubber-stamp justice punishes the poor

1-21-2016: Here's what Flint's contaminated water looks like

1-21-2016: Would Flint crisis happen in wealthier, whiter community?

1-21-2016: Wrongful death suit filed over off-duty St. Louis officer's shooting of VonDerrit Myers Jr.

1-21-2016: Ex-Oklahoma officer gets 263 years for rapes, sex assaults

1-21-2016: St. Louis meeting draws group with concerns, hopes for police body cameras

1-21-2016: Obama declares Missouri floods a major disaster

1-21-2016: Employers test the Affordable Care Act by excluding some surgeries in plans

1-20-2016: Further limits on municipal court revenue approved by Missouri Senate committee

1-20-2016: Black Lives Matter activists interrupt US mayors' conference

1-20-2016: Slay meets with Missouri's congressional delegation as NGA site announcement draws near

1-20-2016: Courts need to help fight gun violence, St. Louis police chief says at mayor's meeting in D.C.

1-20-2016: Thousands Apply to U.S. to Forgive Their Student Loans

Editorial note: Borrowers with student loan debt can apply to have it eliminated under an obscure federal law that law forgives debt for borrowers who prove their schools used illegal tactics to recruit them, such as by lying about their graduates’ earnings. See related:

1-20-2016: Baltimore Residents Never Expected A Cop To Be Punished For Killing Freddie Gray

1-20-2016: How secret donations influence US elections

1-20-2016: Some dispute ‘Ballpark Village effect’ on St. Louis restaurant closings

Editorial note: I'm certain if you give any competent business man tens of millions of dollar, he can out compete most other businesses that did not get free money. That free money allow the business to build a bigger, better facility that can sell cheaper products.

1-19-2016: Missouri Appellate Court Rules in Favor of STL Police Officer in Reverse Discrimination Suit

1-19-2016: Secrets the Car Rental Companies Don't Want You to Know

See related post: What to do when car rental reservations aren't honored.

1-19-2016: Grassroots effort to stem Flint water crisis gains momentum

1-19-2016: State audit blasts St. Louis Recorder of Deeds for financial mismanagement

1-19-2016: Missouri voter ID plan could be among most restrictive in the country

1-19-2016: Police officer suspended for allegedly urging drivers to run over Black Lives Matter ‘idiots’

1-18-2016: Cop Allegedly Urged Drivers To Run Over Black Lives Matter Protesters

1-18-2016: Seattle's first tiny house village for homeless to open this week

Editorial note: At approximately $2,000 each in building supplies, imagine how many tiny homes could have been built in St. Louis with just a fraction of the $16 million spent on the failed stadium plan. See related story: New village for homeless to open in Seattle

1-18-2016: Searchable database: Money in Missouri politics

1-18-2016: King celebration becomes a rallying cry for St. Louis to come together for change

1-18-2016: Family of man killed in university traffic stop accepts $5.3 million deal

1-18-2016: Children's book on George Washington pulled amid criticism

Editorial note: As mentioned during a earlier post; while arguing for freedom and liberty, many of the principal founding fathers; George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Patrick Henry, John Hancock,  and others were slave-owners. A total of twelve American Presidents were slave owners. To paint a happy picture and minimize the realities of slavery in a children's book is propaganda, a distortion and history and an attempt to brainwash children.

1-18-2016: New report finds just 62 people own the same wealth as half the planet

Editorial note: see the Education Oppression page for comments about this disparity.

1-18-2016: St. Louis County official resigns over letters written by Stenger, Belmar in support of relative in drug case

1-18-2016: I Thought My Ivy League Degrees Would Protect Me From Bigotry. I Was Wrong.

1-17-2016: Messenger: Can one man beat City Hall? Wentzville man plans to find out.

1-17-2017: It's not just Pagedale. Lots of things are against the law in St. Louis County.


1-16-2016: Former Pepper Pike officer accused of using police database to stalk rape victim

1-16-2016: After he complained about a business on Angie's List, a lawyer threatened to sue

Editorial note: When you have a greater understanding of the law, you won't be as easy to intimidate as someone who does not know the law and their rights. Use this site to learn as much about the law as possible and tell others so they can do the same!

1-16-2016: Obama declares state of emergency over water in Flint, Michigan

Editorial note: The City of Flint changed it's water source in April of 2014 and people immediately started complaining about the quality of their water. St. Louis City officials considered privatization of our water system with Veolia, the same company that told Flint, Michigan their water problem was fixable last February. According to the report, "Troubled Waters" (pg. 28), in 2007, St. Louis City Mayor Francis G. Slay accepted $15,000 from Veolia, for a “Best Tasting City Water in America” award. Three years later, in September 2010, representatives from Veolia toured the St. Louis Water Division facility. And they followed up three months letter with a proposed $250,000 consulting contract “in a supposed effort to cut costs,” Two years later in 2012, the city of St. Louis issued
a request for proposals for a consultant to conduct an efficiency study of the city’s water utility. The city’s selection committee chose to award the contract to Veolia. See related post, A city full of black people poisoned!

1-16-2016: Obama unveils new wage insurance proposal for experienced workers 

1-16-2016: St. Louis stadium task force spent $16.2 million

Editorial note: Per the Post Dispatch, many of the contractors had political ties. Since 2011, the companies engaged by the task force gave more than $200,000 to Gov. Jay Nixon, and more than $300,000 to St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay. Since this project was supposed to be so inclusive; I wonder how much of that 16.2 million was spent with minority contracts?  I suspect St. Louis officials will try to put even more money in their friends pockets by stating we're trying to lure another team with our stadium proposal. Remember that the NFL said that even after spending more than $16 million, the St. Louis Stadium Plan was inadequate.

1-16-2016: Email may derail case against Bill Cosby

1-16-2016: Mike Shannon's restaurant downtown to close Jan. 30

Editorial note: When a city subsidizes projects such as Ballpark Village with hundreds of millions of dollars, existing businesses that receives no welfare can't compete, so this is what happens.

1-15-2016: Missouri Supreme Court to hear St. Louis minimum wage case

1-15-2016: Gov. Nixon asks for federal disaster declaration because of recent flooding

1-15-2016: Voters will decide sewer bonds, stormwater tax in April

1-15-2016: Messenger: Belmar shows the St. Louis Way in standing up for connected drug dealer

1-15-2016: St. Louis County police board to consider whether chief's letter violated policy 

1-15-2016: Messenger: St. Louis business owner wants region to learn from stadium failure

1-14-2016: Missouri lawmakers take aim at their ethics practices

1-14-2016: Video released of deadly Chicago police shooting

1-14-2016: Judge grants release of 2013 Chicago police shooting video

1-14-2016: Consensus among regional leaders: St. Louis is done with professional football

Editorial Note: See Lessons from Rams loss.

1-14-2016: Study: Lower pay for poor in St. Louis and other cities is widening U.S. income gap

1-14-2016: Study: Lower pay for poor in St. Louis and other cities is widening U.S. income gap

1-14-2016: St. Louis County officials wrote letters of support for politically connected drug dealer

1-14-2016: St. Louis, Kansas City mayors testify against earnings tax repeal

1-13-2016: DWI ruling by Mo. Supreme Court could impact thousands

1-13-2016: Courts must stop charging for being poor

1-13-2016: NFL owners thrilled by Kroenke's move

1-13-2016: KC auto dealer wins arbitration case at Missouri Supreme Court

1-12-2016: Missouri insurance czar bans 'price optimization'

Editorial note: Missouri law prohibits the use of rates that are unfairly discriminatory, excessive or inadequate. Insurers should follow standards and requirements set forth under Missouri law (§§379.318 and 379.470, RSMo and 20 CSR 500-4.200, as applicable) to ensure their compliance

1-11-2016: Wheaton College students rally in support of professor on leave

Editorial note: The Christian college looks to terminate Larycia Hawkins after saying Christians, Muslims ‘worship the same God’. See related post about hijab wearing college professor.

1-11-2016: City schools superintendent to stay in St. Louis

1-11-2016: Trial begins in suit claiming racial bias in Ferguson-Florissant school board elections

1-11-2016: St. Louis crime increased in 2015 at rate that slowed as year progressed

1-11-2016: Sexual harassment training on tap for Missouri lawmakers

1-10-2016: The new way police are surveilling you: Calculating your threat ‘score’

1-10-2016: Obamas Invite Businessman Who Helps Low-Income Residents Afford Solar Panels To State Of The Union

Mark Davis, left, trains young people and employs them at his business, WDC Solar of Washington.

Editorial note: Kudos to Mr. Davis for giving back to the community. We need more people to step up and provide service, especially for those who are likely to find themselves victims to predatory practices. As W.E.B. Dubois mentioned, we need our "Talented Tenth" (the 10% of our community who are the best and brightest to help and uplift the rest). What are you doing to uplift?

1-10-2016: How The Supreme Court Could Crush Public-Sector Unions

1-9-2016: Canada Denies Refugee Status To Black American Fleeing Police Violence

1-9-2016: Goodell: St. Louis stadium plan inadequate, NFL won't step in to block Rams move

Editorial note: More than $3 million dollars in taxpayer money was spent putting together a stadium plan the Ram's owner never asked for, participated in or commented about. The city claims it doesn't have funds to properly repair streets or fix non-functioning traffic lights including intersections of MLK at Sarah and MLK at Euclid. However, the City was somehow able to find funds to help finance a stadium for a billionaire who ended up insulting the City that was trying to throw money at him. To add insult to injury, the NFL who supposedly originally offered to kick in $300 million for stadium financing, then reduced the offer by $100 million, now says the plan is inadequate. Way to go St. Louis City leaders; I wonder how many people with contacts in City Hall got rich participating in the stadium planning money grab?

1-9-2016: Trial in suit against Ferguson-Florissant district to begin

1-9-2016: Muslim woman kicked out of Trump rally for protesting silently

Editorial note: See related post about hijab wearing college professor.

1-8-2016: World's Richest Lose $194 Billion In First Trading Week of 2016

1-8-2016: Man shot to death in north St. Louis; first homicide of the year

Editorial note: This is the first St. Louis City murder since December 19, 2015. Don't let anger and frustration lead to violence, especially young black men; that's exactly what your enemies want.

1-8-2016: Texas Governor Wants To Amend The Constitution So States Can Ignore The Federal Government

1-8-2016: St. Louis anxious about EPA plan for barrier between fire, toxic waste

1-8-2016: Missouri lawmaker who pleaded guilty to DWI will not run for re-election

1-8-2016: Feds grant $1 million in road assistance for Missouri flooding

1-8-2016: Missouri lawmakers could lock horns over new lobbying rules

1-8-2016: Maine gov: Drug dealers impregnate 'white' girls

Editorial note: Maine’s Republican Govenor Paul LePage said out-of-state drug dealers are impregnating "young white" girls.

1-8-2016: Missouri recorded more than 800 traffic fatalities in 2015

1-8-2016: Flush with cash, Ranken Tech searches for students to spend it on

Note: Ranken can't find enough North County kids to give full ride scholarships to!

1-8-2016: With the New Year, America's Parade of Politics and Prejudice Marches On

1-7-2016: A white mom’s plea ‘to the white parents of my black son’s friends’

1-7-2016: Georgia Prosecutor Seeks Indictment Of Cop Who Killed Unarmed Black Veteran

1-7-2016: St. Louis County judge closes hearing on issue of prosecutorial misconduct

1-7-2016: Sex between lobbyists, lawmakers would be 'gift' under measure

Editorial note: If a lobbyist trying to influence a lawmaker's vote is having sex with the law maker, it is legitimate that the public be made aware of that fact.

1-7-2016: Low-wage workers deserve disaster pay

Editorial note: See related post which was motivated by this article.

1-7-2016: Haitians still in tents six years after quake

1-6-2016: Christian college seeks to fire hijab-wearing professor

Editorial note: See our comments about this compassionate woman and her brave act against religious intolerance.

1-6-2016: St. Louis aldermen to consider continuing earnings tax, $25 million bond issue

1-6-2016: Missouri driver's licenses still valid to enter federal courthouse in St. Louis

1-6-2016: Officer must testify in 2nd trial in Freddie Gray case

1-6-2016: Trooper in Sandra Bland traffic stop indicted, fired

1-6-2016: Zero Jail Time For Cop Who Assaulted Disabled Man In Hospital

1-6-2016: St. Louis superintendent on shortlist to lead L.A. schools, news reports say

1-6-2016: Caregiver's lawyers seek to oust St. Louis County prosecutors in fatal shaken baby case

1-6-2016: Audit finds misspending in Ferguson-Florissant superintendent's former district

1-6-2016: Florissant lawmaker proposes sales tax to cover costs of new stadium

1-6-2016: St. Louis County police officer charged with assaulting his girlfriend

1-5-2016: Former St. Louis health inspector pleads guilty to bribery

1-5-2016: Rock Hill to put $6 million bond issue for city complex on April ballot

1-5-2016: Kroenke blasts St. Louis in NFL relocation proposal

Editorial note: During the flood, I mentioned how foolish it was to give give hundreds of millions in public funds for private stadiums. That point is made even stronger when the team owner doesn't even respect the city offering the money.

1-5-2016: St. Louis County judge arrested on suspicion of DWI

1-5-2016: Obama unveils presidential plan to cut gun violence

1-5-2016: St. Louis County kids now pay nothing for overdue library books

1-5-2016: Chicago lawyer resigns after judge rules he hid evidence

Note: A federal judge accused him of hiding evidence in a fatal police shooting.

1-5-2016: Impunity in Tamir Rice killing intensifies demands for systemic reform

1-5-2016: Trump revisits Muslim ban in first TV ad

1-4-2016: 14 Tweets That Sum Up The Racist Double Standard Surrounding The Oregon Attack

The difference between "thugs" and "peaceful protesters" is skin color.

1-4-2016: Inside The 'Private Tax System' That Saves Billions For America's Richest

1-4-2016: Red-light camera ban up for debate by Missouri lawmakers

1-4-2016: Armed takeover of building in Oregon puts feds in tough spot

1-4-2016: Flooded MSD plants still releasing millions of gallons of sewage

1-3-2016: This Comic Sums up the Double Standard Used to Excuse White Violence

Note: Cartoonist Carlos Latuff explored why heavily armed white men committing crimes might get treated with kid gloves while police can shoot black kids like Tamir Rice with few consequences.

1-3-2016: Armed militia, Bundy brothers take over federal building in rural Oregon

1-3-2016: Minimum wage rises in 14 states and several cities

1-2-2016: New law requires police to issue 'stop receipts'

1-2-2016: Tamir Rice’s Mother Calls Out 'Corrupt' Criminal Justice System

1-2-2016: Obama to explore bypassing Congress on gun control measures

1-2-2016: The same pill that costs $1,000 in the U.S. sells for $4 in India

1-2-2016: Vegas man killed by officers was holding phone, not gun

1-2-2016: Obama declares flood emergency in Missouri

1-2-2016: Some Jefferson County residents left without water as treatment plant remains offline

1-2-2016: Why does the media ignore high school activism?

1-2-2016: Chicago's historic property tax increase expected to burden working class

Editorial Note: Fortunately, we have the Hancock Amendment in Missouri to protect us from these type of predatory tax increases!

1-2-2016: Levee breaks near St. Mary, Mo.; Historic high water expected in Cape Girardeau

1-1-2016: Poll shows Christian-Muslim split on religious freedom

Editorial Note: If religious freedom doesn't apply equally; it is meaningless for everyone! See: First They Came.

1-1-2016: At C.D.C., a Debate Behind Recommendations on Cellphone Risk

1-1-2016: 911 service restored throughout Jefferson County

1-1-2016: Latest flood news: Interstates reopen; Valley Park evacuation order lifted

1-1-2016: Family members mourn the murdered in St. Louis, after a year full of victims




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