May 2017 News

5-31-2017: Mayor asks business to help with youth jobs

5-31-2017: UCity school board member files suit against STL police for excessive force and battery

5-31-2017: 'Underground' canceled, producer John Legend seeks 'new home'

Editorial note: Ownership of media outlets is important in order to control content. See our related "Racial Bias in Mass Media" page.

5-30-2017: St. Louis police sell surplus weapons, including Tommy guns, for $1.2 million

5-30-2017: Everything you need to know about the Confederate monument in Forest Park

5-30-2017: Snoop Dogg, Lecrae and Robert Randolph & The Family Band among Loufest 2017 lineup

Editorial note: As expressed on our "St. Louis' Racial Oppression" page, although the City of St. Louis is majority black, black culture and entertainment are often excluded by major events and institutions. Many events lacking inclusion are supported by your tax dollars. Since we first published that page, we have noticed more inclusion of black acts at the History Museum Twilight Tuesdays, VP Fair and now Loufest, however, more inclusion is still needed.

5-30-2017: Tamir Rice shooting probe: 1 officer fired, 1 suspended

5-30-2017: Business license required for teens to cut grass

5-29-2017: New 'Blue Lives Matter' laws raise concerns among activists

5-29-2017: Proposed state pension changes in Missouri trigger delay in cost of living adjustment

5-29-2017: Messenger: In north St. Louis County, the courts and poverty intertwine

5-29-2017: I-70 as a toll road? Opponents want to kill the idea – for good

5-28-2017: Statewide database of missing kids in Missouri paints unreliable picture

5-27-2017: Dave Helling: Change the Constitution? Here’s a modest proposal for Missouri

5-26-2017: UCity school board member files suit against STL police for excessive force and battery

5-25-2017: St. Louis Official Defends Tank Inspection

5-25-2017: St. Louis Does Not Have a 'Dire' Police Shortage. Not Even Close

5-25-2017: St. Louis mayor forms citizen committee to search for new police chief

5-25-2017: St. Louis County property values see largest increase in a decade

Editorial note: You can appeal your property tax assessment. To find comps, enter your address in Zillow and filter for "recently sold." You can also use to get an idea of what properties similar to your in your area are selling for. You should check your neighbors tax assessments against your own to see if your taxes are higher because they appealed and you didn't. (St. Louis City Assessor), (St. Louis County Assessor), (St. Charles Co. Assessor), (Jefferson County Assessor)

5-25-2007: Better Family Life offers workforce training in varied fields

5-25-2017: Resident’s home damaged by water main break, offered only token compensation

5-25-2017: Wrongful convictions: From death row to freedom

5-25-2017: Centennial Commission hosts conference on 1917 East St. Louis riots

Editorial note: Checkout our race riot page for a video about the East St. Louis Race Riot.

5-24-2017: St. Louis police are overcharging public for arrest reports, judge rules

5-24-2017: As controversy builds over Confederate Memorial, Krewson vows removal plan within three weeks

5-24-2017: Video appears to show Texas officer striking teenage girl

5-24-2017: Father of black student murdered in suspected hate crime accepts his son’s degree

5-24-2017: Portland burrito shop forced to close amid accusations of cultural appropriation, stealing recipes

5-23-2017: Lezley McSpadden to graduate from Jennings High School on Friday

5-23-2017: Where are St. Louis' car theft hotspots?

5-23-2017: Wikipedia can pursue NSA surveillance lawsuit: U.S. appeals court

5-23-2017: Former St. Louis VA supervisor admits kickback scheme

5-23-2017: Trump's $4.1 trillion budget slashes Medicaid, food stamps

5-22-2017: UMSL to cut operating budget by another 2.5 percent

5-22-2007: Former P-D editor/columnist hired by St. Louis County courts

5-21-2017: St. Louis voters approved $5 million for affordable housing, but budget routinely falls short

5-19-2017: Students and ACLU persuade district to revoke punishments for walkout, teachers reach temporary agreement with Hazelwood

5-19-2017: Ex-St. Louis officer's partner ordered to produce statements in murder investigation

5-18-2017: GoFundMe Effort to Take Down St. Louis' Confederate Monument

5-18-2017: Trump appoints David Clarke despite ‘fatal and persistent malpractice’ as sheriff

5-17-2017: Missouri’s workers stand to lose discrimination protections, minimum wage increases

5-17-2017: Chief justice owns muni court mess

5-17-2017: Former American Bar Association president Paulette Brown addresses National Consortium on Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Courts

5-10-2017: Cop Fired After Not Shooting Suicidal Man Sues City

5-9-2017: TIF Plans in St. Louis Are 'Redlining and Block-Busting,' Show-Me Institute Says

5-9-2017: Suing for discrimination gets tougher in Missouri under bill sent to governor

5-9-2017: Missouri Prepares for Real ID Implementation

5-9-2017: Black Girls Are Twice as Likely to Be Suspended, In Every State

5-9-2017: Poop bombs: Venezuelans’ new weapon against riot police are ‘poopootov cocktails’

5-8-2017: St. Louis $10 Minimum Wage Goes Into Effect

5-8-2017: McKee seeks more tax redits for NorthSide grocery store

5-8-2017: 14-year-old shot while sleeping in north St. Louis

5-8-2017: Tests find elevated radiation levels in more St. Louis County homes

5-8-2017: White cop sues city, chief for racism: says he's part black

5-5-2017: New St. Louis minimum wage goes into effect Friday

5-5-2017: Protester featured in iconic Ferguson photo found dead of self-inflicted gunshot wound

5-5-2017: Federal lawsuit says St. Louis police beat, fractured skull of teen

5-2-2017: Cops change their story after an officer kills a teen outside a party

5-1-2017: Why invite Clarence Thomas to St. Louis for Law Day?

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