African History and Black Empires Your Were Never Told About

Africa: Story of a Continent, an eight part documentary series originally released in 1984, challenges the long held beliefs like the opinion of David Hume that Africa had ‘no ingenious manufactures among them, no arts, no sciences’.  Basil Davidson, the British author of more than 30 books about Africa, says "Now that we know more about Africa's past, we see that it tells a story both long and remarkable."  When Greek Historian Herodotus visited Ancient Egypt he described the civilization he saw there as ‘different but equal’. Episode one shows that some of the world’s greatest early civilizations have their origins in black Africa, including those along the Nile Valley.

Part 1: Different But Equal

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Part 2: Mastering The Continent

Part 3: Caravans of Gold

Part 4: Kings and Cities

Part 5: The Bible and The Gun

Part 6: The Magnificent African Cake

Part 7: The Rise of Nationalism

Part 8: The Legacy.

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