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Appellate Law

A Word of Caution for Missouri Appellate Lawyers – JD Supra, by Daniel R. Schramm, L.L.C.

Thoughts on Writing a Persuasive Appellate Brief – JD Supra, by Daniel R. Schramm, L.L.C.


Public Defender – Pros and Cons –

Working with a Public Defender –

Do Public Defenders Spend Less Time on Black Clients? – The Marshall Project

How much to tell your lawyer –

Selecting A Lawyer –

10 ways to identify if your lawyer is right for you –

Having a Productive Meeting with Your Lawyer –

How To Handle Lawyers Threatening You – Judd Weiss

Maintaining Confidentiality –

Firing Your Lawyer –


Bankruptcy Law –

Chapter 7 – Bankruptcy Basics –

Chapter 11 – Bankruptcy Basics –

Chapter 13 – Bankruptcy Basics –

Bankruptcy Considerations – Legal Aid Programs in Missouri 

Bankruptcy Blog Re: Debtor’s Funds When Case Is Converted From Chapter 13 To Chapter 7 – JD Supra, by Jillian Snider, Brett Solomon | Tucker Arensberg, P.C.

Civil Law

Keeping Cases from Black Juries: An Empirical Analysis of How Race, Income Inequality, and Regional History Affect Tort Law – Washington and Lee Law Review

The Economics of a Civil Lawsuit – Law Offices of William A. Taylor

Voluntary Payment Doctrine – Elster Law

Black Concentration Camps? –

What is an "Affirmative Defense"? –

How are Jurisdiction and Venue used as Affirmative Defenses? –

Civil Rights

Don’t allow Dallas to become an excuse to stop fighting for our rights –

Gun Law in Missouri –

The Miranda Rights –

How to Invoke the Miranda Rights –

The Rights of Minors to Remain Silent and to See a Lawyer –

How the government can steal your stuff: 6 questions about civil asset forfeiture answered –

Searches Based on Consent –

What to watch our for when you remain silent and ask to see a lawyer –

ACLU of Missouri Mobile App –

The Second Reconstruction Is Over – The Berkeley Journal of African-American Law & Policy, by Robert V. Ward Jr.

No, there’s no “hate speech” exception to the First Amendment – Washington Post (The Volokh Conspiracy)

Missouri Constitution’s right to bear arms covers many nonviolent felons – Washington Post (The Volokh Conspiracy)

Lawyers for Victims of WWII Internment of Japanese-Americans Urge Overruling of Korematsu – Washington Post (The Volokh Conspiracy)

Editorial Note: During World War II, the United States forced the relocation and incarceration of between 110,000 and 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry who lived on the Pacific coast into concentration camps. Sixty-two percent of the internees were United States citizens. The Supreme Court ruled in 1944, that it was legal, and that decision has never been overturned. The U.S. could today legally incarcerate people based on race and justify it based upon real or imagined threat against the country. The possibility of black concentration camps was mentioned in a November 2014 post. The Irony is that Germans actually invaded the U.S. in New York and Florida during WWII.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a much more radical message than a dream of racial brotherhood –

Consumer Law

Your rights as a consumer – Consumer Reports

Contracts –

Credit Repair –

Buying a Used Car – Tips and Things to Consider –

Credit Card Companies Want You to Give Up Your Right to Sue Them. Here’s How to Opt Out – Money Magazine

Debt Collectors Have Made a Fortune This Year. Now They’re Coming for More –

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act –

How Creditors Collect Debts: Property Repossession, Wage Garnishment, Bank Attachment, and More – Nolo

What to do when car rental reservations aren't honored –

Debt Settlement & Negotiating With Creditors – Nolo

Things to do when a retailer won't exchange defective merchandise –

Customer Returns and Refund Laws by State – FindLaw

Shoping for Funeral Services –

Funeral Cost and Pricing Checklist –

The Federal Funeral Rule –

Understanding Warranties –

What you need to know about warranty laws – Consumer Reports

How can I stop a payday lender from electronically taking money out of my bank or credit union account? –

False Advertising By Ad Agencies: No Easy Dismissals – JD Supra, by Ira Sacks, Erika Stallings  | Akerman LLP – Marks, Works & Secrets

Dealing with debt –

Mired In Medical Debt? Federal Plan Would Update Overdue-Bill Collection Methods –

She borrowed $100, and paid back $3,592 (Small sum predatory lending) – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Prepaid Cards: Good for some, but watch out for fees – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

How to buy auto insurance –

Minority Neighborhoods Pay Higher Car Insurance Premiums Than White Areas With the Same Risk – ProPublica

How flood insurance works: 6 questions answered –

Titlemax is thriving in Missouri — and repossessing thousands of cars in the process – St. Louis Post-Dispatch, by Walker Moskop

Top 10 consumer complaints of 2014, according to Missouri’s attorney general – Springfield News Leader

New York Times Handles Hot Coffee ($2.9 Million Mc Donalds Hot Coffee Lawsuit) – Hendrickson Law

Criminal Law

Going to Jail for the First Time –

Bail – Release from custody –

Digital Jail: How Electronic Monitoring Drives Defendants Into Debt –

Expungement in Missouri –

Proof & Defenses in Criminal Cases – Nolo

Necessity Defense –

What if police say they smell marijuana? –

Obama Isn’t Following Through on Pardons Promise, Says His Former Pardons Attorney –

We Need Black Prosecutors

Progressive prosecutors scored big wins in 2020 elections, boosting a nationwide trend –

The Prosecutor – The Most Powerful Position in the Criminal Justice System –

Prosecutors Rarely Pay Price for Mistakes and Misconduct –

The Difference Between a Preliminary Hearing and a Trial – Nolo

Protecting your child, lessons from "When They See Us" –

Mass Incarceration: The Silence of the Judges – Jed S. Rakoff, New York Review of Books

Crime Won't Decrease, Until Oppression Decreases –

Federal Prosecution of Gun Crimes, The New Mass Incarceration Tool? –

Statutory rape laws and ages of consent in the U.S. – Washington Post (The Volokh Conspiracy)

The ‘immature teen brain’ defense and the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev trial – Washington Post (The Volokh Conspiracy)

Justice Delayed, Is Justice Denied –

Cops Cash In on Sex Trade Arrests With Little Evidence, While Black and Brown Residents Pay the Price –


Dissolution of Marriage – Missouri Courts

How to File for No Fault Divorce in Missouri – State Requirements and Documents – Rocket Lawyer

The Average Cost of Divorce in Missouri – LegaZoom

Missouri Divorce Residency Requirements – DivorceSupport

Missouri Divorce Law Frequently Asked Questions – Cutrera Law Firm

Need to File for a Divorce?


Free Money for College –

What are my rights in a college dorm? –

Federal financial aid for college will be easier to apply for and a bit more generous –

Hidden Racism of Charter Schools –

DeVos Just Put Interests of ‘Predatory Profiteers’ Over Student Loan Borrowers –

The Miseducation of the Negro –

Educational Oppression –

School to Prison Pipeline –

School suspensions don't just unfairly penalize Black students – they lead to lower grades and 'Black flight' –

Law School Applications Keep Falling – Wall Street Journal

Employment Law

Segregation policies in federal government in early 20th century harmed Blacks for decades –

No, You Cannot Prohibit Employees from Protesting or Discussing Their Wages – JD Supra, by Richard D. Tuschman  | Akerman LLP – HR Defense

What to Do When You Are Forced to Resign or Get Fired – by Alison Doyle | The Balance

What if you're being pressured to resign? – CBS News

Employment discrimination law in the United States – Wikipedia

What is Implicit Bias and Why Should Employers Care? – JD Supra, by Kathlyn Perez  | Baker Donelson

Half of all U.S. Jobs to be eliminated by computerization and robotics –

Estate Planning

Pay-on-death can beat probate — but be careful – Jim Gallagher, St. Louis Post Dispatch (Click here to use this form to leave your Missouri real estate without probate.) 


What are the “rules of evidence”? –

'Informed Delivery' From The US Postal Service – New Potential Evidence –

What is "Clear and Convincing Evidence"? –

Introducing Exhibits at Trial: A Review of the Basics – CJG Law Firm

Family Law

Debt and Marriage: When Do I Owe My Spouse's Debts? – Nolo

Grandparent's Rights – Custody and Visitation –

Parents’ Responsibility for Their Child’s Actions –

Motion to Modify Child Custody (and Support) – Missouir Courts

White Middle Class Fatigue –

Health Care

Supreme Court of Missouri Upholds 10-Year Statute of Repose for Foreign-Object Medical Malpractice Claims – JD Supra, by John Mahon, Jr  | Williams Venker & Sanders

Racial discrimination ages Black Americans faster, according to a 25-year-long study of families –


Growing Body of Law Allows Prosecution of Foreign Citizens on U.S. Soil – New York Times

Intellectual Property

Inglewood taxpayers must pay over $110,000 for “objectively unreasonable” copyright lawsuit against critic – Washington Post, By Eugene Volokh, (The Volokh Conspiracy)


Dictionary of Legal Terms –

Civil Cases vs. Criminal Cases –

Understanding Missouri Courts –

Plea Bargain –

How does a jury work? –

Why I Prefer Jury Trials –

Importance of Jury Duty –

Jury Nullification: The Top Secret Constitutional Right –

What a Grand Jury Does –

Appearing before a Grand Jury –

What does it mean when a jury is "sequestered"? –

Avoiding Goliath’s Fate: Defeating a Pro Se Litigant – American Bar Association

Legal Writing –

Legal Research for Non-Lawyers –

Justice Deferred Is Justice Denied: Too Big to Jail: How Prosecutors Compromise with Corporations – Jed S. Rakoff,  New York Review of Books

What does it mean when a law is void for vagueness or overbroad? –

Corrupt Judges –

Reporting Misconduct by Judges –

Brief History of US Law –

Federal Protections Against Rights Violations –

Government Surveillance –

Supreme Court Moves Toward Legalizing Lying In Campaigns – Huffington Post, by Laura Bassett

Bogus Legal Theory of Sovereign Citizen –

The Weirdest Law In Every State In America – Thrillist, by Kristin Hunt

What court staff can and cannot do for you – Missouri Courts

Report: 3.7 Million Use Legal Self-Help Centers – Wall Street Journal

Justice is Broken –

Better To Be Strong –

Sometimes the only person you can depend on is yourself –

How Racist is Too Racist? – The Marshall Project

You Can Now Search the Full Text of 3 Million Nonprofit Tax Records for Free –

Municipal Law

What is Municipal Law? –

Municipal Court Reform or Sneaky Maneuver? –

St. Louis County Municipalities, Better Together or Apart? –

How Municipal Bonds Work – How Stuff Works, by Dave Roos

Ferguson, MO –

Uplands Park, MO –

Municipal Search Warrants in Missouri (PDF) – Missouri Municipal League, by Paul Martine

Warning about new St. Louis City Parking Meters –

City of St. Louis Continues to Harass –

St. Louis City's Culture of Corruption –

St. Louis' Racial Oppression –

Constitutional Challenges In Municipal Court and City Ordinances (PDF format – Texas document, but Federal Law also applies to Missouri)

 St. Louis Municipalities Weaponized Ignorance –

A city full of poor black people poisoned! –

Yes! You Can Fight City Hall… and Win! (Note: Author refers to Michigan law, but general concepts apply)

So you want to fight city hall. Here’s how: Pt 1/3: Build a citizen advocacy organization; Pt 2/3: Develop an understanding of political decision-making and power politicsPt 3/3: Going to War

The Injustice System –

Inglewood taxpayers must pay over $110,000 for “objectively unreasonable” copyright lawsuit against critic – Washington Post, By Eugene Volokh, (The Volokh Conspiracy)

What is the Erie Doctrine? –


Don't Talk to the Police –

Black St. Louis Ex-Cop Tells the Truth about Race and Policing –

When the Miranda Rights Must Be Read to a Suspect –

How Officers Trick People Into Giving Up Their Miranda Rights –

Long History of Police Brutality –

Why White Cops Kill Black Men –

My 87 Year old Father Fears the Police –

More Unarmed people killed by Police, than officers killed while on duty –

Are some police officers addicted to killing? –

Are The Police Allowed To Lie?– Traffic Law Stop

What is Excessive Force? Don’t ask the experts! – JD Supra, by James Thornton  | Cranfill Sumner & Hartzog LLP

“We’re Coming for You”: Is There a Hidden Agenda to the Florida Sheriff’s Anti-Drug Message? –

Your Rights When Recording The Police – NAACP, by Khyla D. Craine, NAACP Assistant General Counsel

Police officers have no constitutional ‘right of privacy’ in records of their official misconduct – Washington Post (The Volokh Conspiracy)

Police Lives Matter and so do Body Cameras –

Protest Songs Inspired by Police Killings –

Poverty Law

When you have nothing you have nothing to lose –

Property Law

Castle Doctrine protects people, not property –

Protest Rights

Protester Rights –

St. Louis Protest Organizations –

Where Protest Fails, Violence Prevails –

Protest Minus Disruption or Violence Equals Failure –

No, You Cannot Prohibit Employees from Protesting or Discussing Their Wages – JD Supra, by Richard D. Tuschman  | Akerman LLP – HR Defense

Protest Songs Inspired by Police Killings –

Real Estate

Foreclosure: The Basics – Nolo

Foreclosure of A Rental Unit – Legal Aid of Missouri

Missouri’s Landlord-Tenant Law – Missouri Attorney General's Office

You and Your Landlord: St. Louis area guide to tenant responsibilities and rights – Legal Services of Eastern Missouri

Tips Before You Rent – Legal Aid Programs in Missouri

Missouri Rental Laws – Landlordology

Repairs to a Rental Unit – Legal Aid Programs in Missouri

Federal Law Protects Tenants Living In Foreclosed Properties – Legal Aid in Missouri

Home Equity Theft: How a Man’s Home Was Seized Over $8.41 in Unpaid Taxes –

Housing Violations –

Eminent Domain –

Indianapolis' worst renter owes thousands, but landlords can't collect – USA Today


Missouri Hancock Amendment –

How to Complete Form W-4 to Keep More Money in Your Pocket – TaxAct

Missouri Property Tax Credit – Seniors & Disabled –

Earned Income Credit for the Working Poor – Law Offices of William A. Taylor

The IRS has been quietly confiscating millions from small business owners – WREG News Channel 3, Memphis, TN

I Know A Tax When I See A Tax – (Hancock Amendment info, PDF) – Missouri Municipal League, by Lyndel H. Porterfield, City Attorney, St. Charles, Missouri

Should You Challenge Your Property Tax Assessment in Missouri? – Nolo, by Fred S. Steingold

Procedures for Challenging Your Property Tax Assessment in Missouri – Nolo, by Fred S. Steingold

Traffic Tickets

Traffic Stops –

Top 4 Traffic Ticket Myths –

How to Fight a Traffic Ticket – WikiHow

Traffic ticket? How much auto insurance goes up for 18 traffic violations –

What to Do After a Car Accident If You Don't Have Insurance – Nolo

Car Accident in Missouri & You Don’t Have Auto Insurance? “No Pay…No Play” Law – Sansone / Lauber 

Insurance companies will charge you more if you have bad credit. Here's why. – St. Louis Post Dispatch

How to buy auto insurance –

Missouri Car Accident Law – Fault, Insurance Claims & Settlements, & Missouri Car Accident Lawyers – FreeAdvice

How the Supreme Court Made It Legal for Cops to Pull You Over for Just About Anything – The Marshall Project

Warning about new St. Louis City Parking Meters –

What Constitutes Operating a Vehicle in a Missouri DWI Case? – Henderson & Waterkotte, P.C.

Checkpoints 101 – Legality? Constitutional Rights? Consent? – Traffic Law Stop

DUI Checkpoints in Missouri – Nolo

Mandatory Bike Insurance in Missouri? – Sansone & Lauber

How to Defend a Traffic or Speeding Ticket Successfully – – by Michael M. Wechsler, Esq.

Flashing headlights to warn drivers of a speed trap = constitutionally protected speech –  Washington Post (The Volokh Conspiracy)

Its OK to Flash Your Headlights to Warn of Speed Traps – Hendrickson Law

An ex-police Sergent tells how and why you should fight ALL speeding fines – Free Thought Project

Worker's Compensation

Handbook on Missouri Workers’ Compensation Law (PDF 36 pages) – Schuchat, Cook & Werner


History (Overview) –

2017 Black History Post –

Why You Should Share This Website With Others 

Champions of the Struggle

Muhammad Ali: Humanity's Champion, Rest In Peace –

Muhammad Ali's Memorial Service – Tributes of Greatness –

Colin Kaepernick is not Alone Anymore –

Ballot or the Bullet –

Letter from Birmingham Jail –

Black Entertainers Taking a Stand Against Oppression and Injustice –

AT&T's CEO Forcefully Supported Black Lives Matter –


None Dare Call It Conspiracy –

Billionaire Overthrow of U.S. Government –

War is a Racket –

The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation –

Medical Oppression –

War On Black People –

Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission –

Ku Klux Klan: The Invisible Empire –

Why Facebook's new 'privacy cop' is doomed to fail –


Corporations Rather than Governments Control the World –

Billionaire President Equals Massive Military Industrial Complex Profits –

Bayer and Monsanto: A Marriage Made in Hell –

Lost Freedoms

9 Liberties Lost Since 9/11 –

40 Reasons Our Jails and Prisons are Full of Black and Poor People –


Black Church, Your members are being attacked! –

Black gangs, honorary Ku Klux Klan members? –

Armed and Black –

23 Ways You Could Be Killed if You Are Black in America –

Black Movie Sabotage at AMC Esquire? –

Are Black People Stuck in the Past? –

Character Assassination of Nate Parket – Birth Of A Nation –

Thanksgiving Fairy Tale and Myth –

Despite Trillions Spent, the US Military Hasn't Won a Real War Since 1945 – 

Racism and Discrimination

St. Louis Arch A Symbol of "Negro Removal"? –

U.S. Government Discrimination –

When the enemy is treated better than you –

Racial Bias in Mass Media –

Racism – A History –

How Racism Has Shaped Welfare Police in America Since 1935 –

Race Riots –

Red Summer of 1919 –

No Infamy for Black Tragedies –

White Church Apologizes for Reaching Out to African-Americans –

White Privilege –

White Supremacy –


Truth of How Slavery Started The Black Slave Trade and Racism –

Goodbye Uncle Tom (A very graphic movie about slavery) –

Slavery by Another Name –

Slavery Isn't Over They Just Changed What They Called It –

The Willie Lynch Letter: The Making Of A Slave!  –

What to the slave is the Fourth of July? –

Narrative of William W. Brown, A Fugitive Slave –

Should the U.S. Provide Reparations for Slavery and Jim Crow? –

Untold or Little Known History

African History and Black Empires Your Were Never Told About –

Columbus Day: Celebrating Slavery & Genocide –

Black Founding Fathers –

The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution –

Put the power of the law in your hands