Goodbye Uncle Tom

Goodbye Uncle Tom is an epic recreation of American slave trade atrocities. This 1971 Italian film is based on true events from the American Antebellum period. The filmmakers of this docudrama go back in time, using a helicopter, to conduct interviews and depict scenes during slavery, based upon published documents, public records, rules and regulations regarding the handling of slaves.

Goodbye Uncle Tom tells the story that "Roots" was afraid to tell, which is just how ugly the institution of slavery really was. It exposes the institution of slavery in all its ugliness that should never be forgotten and should serve as a reminder of the price others paid. After seeing this film, it's difficult to argue against reparations.

This film has been censored and since we first published this page in 2015, the video has been removed and we have changed the links several times. There is an anti critical race theory movement which attempts to prevent the teaching of the true nature of racial history. If the links provided below are unavailable, perform your own search for "Goodbye Uncle Tom" video.

Below is the trailer for "Goodbye Uncle Tom," which includes voice-over narration explaining details about the film and its history including being banned from US movie theaters. The full movie has been included at the end of this page.




The primary purpose of is to provide free self-help legal information and resources to those representing themselves in court. In the article, "Fourteen Examples of Racism in Criminal Justice System," law professor, Bill Quigley, posed the question: Is the US criminal justice system operated to marginalize and control millions of African Americans? 

History helps us understand change and how the society we live in came to be – the past causes the present and predicts the future. Slavery ended, but then so did reconstruction which resulted in Jim Crow which disenfranchised millions of newly freed blacks and enforced segregation, denial of civil rights which led to the current conditions of mass incarceration, police brutality, and discrimination. 

WARNING – Viewer discretion is advised, a very graphic movie about slavery: The film was banned in the United States in 1971. Some thought the movie might cause race riots because it depicted too accurately the true horrors of the American South during slavery. Depicts nudity, cruel exploitation, violence and the extremely dehumanizing reality of slavery which is not usually shown by U.S. directors and producers. The truth is not sugar-coated and the realities of slavery can be very difficult to watch!

Goodbye Uncle Tom – Full Movie (aka: "Addio Zio Tom" & "Farewell Uncle Tom")

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