May 2016 News

Below are news items from May 2016. For more current and breaking news items, see the main news page.

5-31-2016: In second online 'rant,' St. Louis police chief rails against halfway house, low bail for suspect

Editorial note: In our judicial system, people are considered innocent until found guilty. Bail is the amount of money defendants must post to be released from custody until their trial. Bail is not a fine. It is not supposed to be used as punishment. The purpose of bail is simply to ensure that defendants will appear for trial and all pretrial hearings for which they must be present. See RSMO 544.455.

5-31-2016: St. Louis aldermen discuss crime, chief, and body cameras for police

5-31-2016: Chances of fair trial in Bill Cosby’s sex crimes case are slim to none

See related post, "Is Bill Cosby a Rapist?"

5-31-2016: Alabama Judge Preaches States' Rights, Till He Disagrees With His State

5-31-2016: U.S. court says no warrant needed for cellphone location data

5-31-2016: Utah Sheriffs Threaten To Arrest Rangers If They Try To Close Public Lands

5-30-2016: Slay to Sign Prescription Drug Monitoring Law Tuesday

Editorial note: Expect an even greater increase in heroin addiction once prescription drugs become harder to get.

5-30-2016: Miss a doctor visit? You might have to pay a fine under a Missouri proposal

5-30-2016: St. Louis police chief slams "lack of judicial accountability"

Editorial note: I wonder if Chief Dotson was equally critical of St. Louis County Executive Steve Stinger and Police Chief Jon Belmar when they wrote letters of support for a money laundering drug dealer? You can't increase gun rights, which automatically mean greater gun possession, resulting in more gun theft and then be surprised that criminal activilty involving guns has increased. As we mentioned last year, gun crimes and possession appear to be the new mass incarceration tool now that drug addiction is being re-labled an illness.

5-30-2016: Tenants angry after apartment building orders them to 'friend' it on Facebook

5-30-2016: States unsure of cost of new overtime rules

5-30-2016: Holder: Snowden did "public service," but should still stand trial

5-30-2016: Outrage Grows After Gorilla Harambe Shot Dead at Cincinnati Zoo to Save Tot

Editorial note: I'm not an animal expert, but it appeared that the gorilla may have been trying to protect the child, however, if the experts thought the child was in danger, I'll defer to their opinion. Dragging the kid around, even if it was to protect him, probably was life threatening. I would expect that a major zoo would have some sort of barrier where a 3 or 4 year old child could not fall into an enclosure. What's really sad is the lack of concern when a seemingly innocent "child" such as Tamir Rice or a person who is not a danger is killed by police, and the same outrage is not expressed.

5-30-2016: Missouri House Democrats: superminority makes it harder to get Democrats to run for House

5-29-2016: Missouri targets black voters: This is an un-American and intentional assault on voting rights

5-29-2016: African Arts Festival outgrows Forest Park space

Editorial note: There is no need to move this wonderful tradition from its current location. The location is family friendly especially since the Zoo is just a short walk away. Tents can always be added to increase vendor space. 

5-29-2016: Lawsuit filed by wrongfully convicted man details how law enforcement officials allegedly framed him

5-28-2016: Memorial Day weekend off to a violent start in St. Louis

Editorial note: I wonder if the mayor will make a similar pledge to eliminate crime in North St. Louis as he did for downtown. Speaking of Memorial Day, see "Freed Slaves Observed The Country's First Memorial Day".

5-28-2016: Drug, addiction policy makes mixed progress in Legislature

5-27-2016: Body-Camera Footage Shows Moments Before Police Fatally Shoot Unarmed Father of 2

5-27-2016: Chicago to release videos from as many as 100 police shootings, other incidents

5-27-2016: St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department looking to hire more officers

5-27-2016: Mayor Slay pledges crackdown on crime in downtown St. Louis

Editorial note: Rather than focus on crime all over the city, the focus will be downtown, seems like a prescription for failure. Criminals will simply target CWE, The Loop, Forest Park, Mid-Town, Shaw, Grand Center, Soulard and other areas that attract people. See related, When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.

5-27-2016: Texas Man Pays Traffic Fine With Buckets of Pennies

5-26-2016: Federal Judge Allows Plaintiff to Sue Officers After He Was Detained for Videoing a Police Station

5-26-2016: Louisiana Enacts Hate Crimes Law to Protect a New Group: Police

5-26-2016: Ex-US magistrate hired to prosecute Alabama chief justice

5-26-2016: Carr Square residents vent anger at city over planned homeless shelter

5-25-2016: Pennsylvania County Jail Kept Inmate 17 Months Too Long

5-25-2016: White high school football players in Idaho charged in rape of black, disabled teammate with a coat hanger

5-25-2016: How cracking down on America's painkiller capital led to a heroin crisis

See related: A Dose of Heroin Reality

5-24-2016: Prosecutor says no charges for Republic officer who killed unarmed man; family stunned

5-24-2016: Stephanie Karr steps down as Ferguson's attorney

5-24-2016: Black Lawmakers & Activists Fight NC’s Plan To Gut HBCUs

5-23-2016: St. Louis Taxi Commission Takes Aim at Uber Again

5-23-2016: St. Louis police start smartphone app as link to public

5-23-2016: Former St. Charles County police officer receives suspended sentence, probation

5-23-2016: Las Vegas judge handcuffs public defender in courtroom

5-22-2016: Ferguson proposes tax hike to cover costs of revamping police and court

5-22-2016: How the Pentagon punished NSA whistleblowers

5-22-2016: Missouri governor pushing back on newly passed tax breaks

5-22-2016: Lawyers shower campaign money on congressional candidate who is the son of chief judge

5-21-2016: This state is about to become the first where targeting police is a hate crime

5-21-2016: Federal judge insists Chicago mayor testify about police code of silence

5-21-2016: African-American participation in elite AP classes lags at St. Louis area schools

5-20-2016: St. Louis police union calls for special prosecutor in case of former cop charged with murder

5-20-2016: Missouri Man Paid $50,000 in Interest After Taking $2,500 in Payday Loans

5-19-2016: Pennsylvania Cop Charged After Video Appears to Show Him Punching Woman During Traffic Stop

Editorial note: Officer Jesus Santiago-DeJesus, who claimed he was assaulted by a woman during a traffic stop last month, lied about the incident. The incident occurs about 1:55 in the timeline when three officers start using what appears to be excessive force. Video is civil rights greatest tool.

5-19-2016: DNA Evidence Frees Man From Life Sentence

Editorial note: Yet another black man wrongly convicted of murder.

  • There was no physical evidence 
  • Witnesses description of killer was a tall white man in cowboy hat
  • Conviction was based mostly on untruthful prisoner testimony
  • He served almost 20 years in prison

However, police officers who actually committ murder are often not charged or get charged years later; but only if video evidence exist. See, "The True Ferguson Effect". 

5-19-2016: Grand jury: Lawyer backed use of wrong drug in execution try

Editorial note: The top lawyer for Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin urged prison officials to go forward with a planned execution even though they received the wrong drug, telling a deputy attorney general to "Google it" to confirm it could be used.

5-19-2016: Alderman: Some Forestry Workers Sawing Logs, Not Mowing Lawns

5-19-2016: Jennifer Joyce, Steve Stenger, Bob Mcculloch: A History of Corruption

5-19-2016: Charter school parents ask St. Louis school leaders to drop legal action

5-19-2016: San Francisco police fatally shoot apparently unarmed woman in stolen car; police chief resigns hours later

5-19-2016: Activists complain of four-year delay in charging St. Louis police officer with murder of suspect

5-19-2016: Malcolm X Predicted the Progression of Racism in the United States

5-18-2016: Five banks sued in U.S. for rigging $9 trillion agency bond market

5-18-2016: "America was never great' hat sparks social media rage

5-18-2016: Google’s 1st Amendment defense to search censorship fails in court

5-18-2016: Ferguson prosecutor dismisses case minutes before trial, maintains that the defendant still violated the law

Editorial note: This appears to be a common tactic with some prosecutors. Continue prosecuting the case until the last possible moment before the trial, even if the case is weak, to force a plea bargain

5-18-2016: Trump does it again with Ferguson, calling city among world's most dangerous

5-18-2016: Woman endures five years of slavery, chains, starvation

5-18-2016: Minority police, fire associations in St. Louis pledge to work together on racial disparities

5-18-2016: St. Louis prosecutor, former police chief at odds over timing of ex-officer's murder charge

Editorial note: Former St. Louis City Police Chief Dan Isom said years ago his investigators provided the prosecutor's office with essentially the same evidence used this week to make the case. “The only thing that has changed is the will to act post-Ferguson and post-Laquan McDonald on information and evidence that was originally presented to the U.S. attorney and the circuit attorney by the St. Louis Police Department,” he said. See related, "The True Ferguson Effect".

5-18-2016: Overtime pay may become reality for more US workers

5-18-2016: Video of Tampa officer's forceful arrest of teen skateboarder draws concern

Editorial note: See "First They Came". 

5-17-2016: Detroit police officers to get body cameras this summer

Note: The Detroit City Council approved a $5.2-million contract with WatchGuard Video to equip police officers with body cameras. The cameras will be paid for, in part, with a $1-million federal grant. WatchGuard Video was selected because it was less expensive  and the company offered more experience than the second-ranked proposal from Taser, which cost $8.9 million. In light of recent murder charges against a former St. Louis police officer, it's certainly time for St. Louis to equip our police officers with body cameras.

5-17-2016: Body Camera Video Surfaces Of Hayward Man Dying While In Police Custody

5-17-2016: Messenger: Murder case against former police officer raises many questions

5-17-2016: One Year After Shootout, Waco’s Bikers Struggle to Move On

Editorial note: Motorcycle clubs (gangs) have a shotout where nine people died and some members fired at police and the members of the gangs are surprised they got arrested. Although I've never experienced it, white privilege must be a powerful entitlement. Had those bikers been black, public sentiment would have been lock those gang "thugs" away for life.

5-17-2016: SWAT raid triggers complaint, investigation

Editorial note: St. Louis City Police kicked in the door of the wrong house while executing a search warrant is the first complaint filed with the civilian oversight board.

5-17-2016: Former St. Louis cop arrested, charged with first-degree murder for 2011 police shooting

5-17-2016: KING: Beautiful 22-year-old mother Symone Marshall dies in Texas police custody after weeks of neglect

5-16-2016: Missouri-Based Website Selling George Zimmerman's Gun

5-16-2016: To settle reporters' lawsuit over alleged police abuses, St. Louis County will train staff on new policies

5-16-2016: Ex-St. Louis Cop Charged With First-Degree Murder in 2011 Killing

5-16-2016: Ex-sheriff's deputy admits role in fraud scheme

5-16-2016: As videos expose wrongdoing by South Carolina cops, police agencies tighten control over footage

5-16-2016: A First: Municipal Officials Criminally Charged With Fraud For Deceiving Investors

Editorial note: Municipal officials in Rampo, NY misrepresented financial details to investors concerning bonds for a stadium project according to the SEC. 

5-16-2016: States bracing for waves of state worker retirements

5-16-2016: Politicians fail in bid to squash municipal broadband in Missouri

5-16-2016: St. Louis ranks high in summer job/internship opportunities

5-16-2016: Supreme Court avoids major ruling in birth control dispute

5-16-2016: Judge orders Mississippi school district to desegregate, 62 years after Brown v. Board of Education

5-15-2016: Missouri lawmakers endorse restrictions to public records

5-15-2016: Nelson Mandela: CIA tip-off led to 1962 Durban arrest

Editorial note: The CIA may have provided tips that led to the arrest of Nelson Mandela in 1962. Even though Nelson Mandela was president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, he was on a US terror watch list until 2008. The CIA also allow drugs to be imported into black communities during the 1990s. The FBI had a secret program called COINTELPRO to discredit and disrupt civil rights leaders and protest. See U.S. Government Discrimination

5-15-2016: Regulation of domestic spying tools is a double-edged challenge

5-15-2016: Messenger: Pine Lawn residents take back their city, one vote at a time

5-14-2016: Radiation risks from West Lake, Coldwater Creek low, say expert

5-14-2016: Ferguson protesters' suit against St. Louis County police should be dismissed, lawyers say

5-14-2016: Chicago mayor to replace police review board with more independent watchdog

5-13-2016: Assault Charges Dropped for Alabama Cop Who Partially Paralyzed Indian Grandfather

5-13-2016: NYPD caught red-handed sanitizing police brutality Wikipedia entries

5-13-2016: 'Racism on Display': O'Reilly Takes on Chicago's Failure to Curb Violence

5-13-2016: Programs for the disabled in St. Louis face abrupt funding cuts

5-13-2016: Alderman Denies Domestic Assault

5-13-2016: FBI bugged public spaces for years hoping to overhear a few illegal things

5-13-2016: Dozens march in Clayton for end to 'school-to-prison pipeline'

See our "School to Prison Pipleine" page.

5-13-2016: Bost suggests Congress could cut funding to thwart new NGA site in St. Louis

5-13-2016: Missouri lawmakers approve bill to verify welfare rolls

5-13-2016: GOP sends gun bills to Nixon

Editorial note: Lawmakers want make it legal for people to carry concealed weapons without a permit. See Gun Law in Missouri.

5-13-2016: Why a housing scheme founded in racism is making a resurgence today

5-13-2016: Legislature passes new restrictions on TIF incentives to developers

5-13-2016: $1.8M settlement for woman shot by SWAT in standoff

5-13-2016: Joe Arpaio, 'America's toughest sheriff,' found in contempt of court in racial profiling case

5-13-2016: Wendy's Turns to Self-Serve Kiosks to Offset Higher Labor Costs

Editorial note: As we have mentioned several times before, 50% of all U.S. Jobs could be eliminated in less than 10 years. Start gaining new skills now! 

5-12-2016: Ferguson loses three more cases against protesters

Editorial note: Prosecutors file these bogus charges because they know most people won't take the time to fight them. It's a form of harassment and easy money from fines. If more people challenge these charges in court, especially utilizing their right to trial by jury, the motivation to bring these charges would be reduced.

5-12-2016: Claims for Jobless Aid Reach Highest Level Since Early 2015

Editiorial note: 50% of all jobs in the US will be eliminated by robotics and computerization in less than 10 years according to Oxford University and the Pew Research Center.

5-12-2016: 'I had to wear Pampers': US Poultry workers detail brutal conditions in damning report

Editorial note: This article is a perfect example of people not understand their rights and how to exercise them. See our related comments concerning false freedom and currency slaves

5-12-2016: Zimmerman Shot Down by Auction Site for Trying to Sell Travyon Martin Gun

5-12-2016: Trayvon Martin gun to be auctioned by George Zimmerman

5-12-2016: Trial of Baltimore officer in Freddie Gray death begins

5-12-2016: Video shows police beating Worcester's Richard Simone after multi-state car chase that exceeded 100 mph

Editorial note: Helicopter video of the end of a high-speed police pursuit from Massachusetts to New Hampshire shows a driver step slowly out of his truck, kneeling and putting his hands on the ground before several officers rush him and start pummeling him.

5-11-2016: Expungement proposal heads to Nixon

5-11-2016: The FBI Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny Wiretapping Your Amazon Echo

5-11-2016: FBI Tells Police To Hide Phone Tracking

5-11-2016: Walter Scott family attorney: Federal charges against Michael Slager could be a ‘turning point in history’

5-11-2016: Ex SF Police Officer Association President Slams Officers Who ‘Snitched’ About Colleague’s Racial Comments

5-11-2016: Artificially Intelligent Lawyer “Ross” Has Been Hired By Its First Official Law Firm

5-11-2016: Barber arrested for pulling gun on customer, says he 'doesn't cut black hair'

5-11-2016: The NYPD Just Admitted That It Issued Millions in Illegal Citations

Editorial note: See related, "Warning about New St. Louis City Parking Meters"

5-11-2016: Google to ban payday loan advertisements

Editorial note: See related, "How can I stop a payday lender from electronically taking money out of my bank or credit union account?"

5-11-2016: Pew study sees a shrinking middle class in major U.S. cities, including St. Louis

5-11-2016: Amazon Prime and the racist algorithms

5-11-2016: US Flag Symbolizes Racism, Should Not Be Displayed, Professor Says

Editorial note: See related post, "4th of July and the Confederate Battle Flag"

5-11-2016: This 20-year-old is serving the longest sentence from the Ferguson protests

See related RFT story from December, "Ferguson Protesters Express Shock at Eight-Year Sentence for Joshua Williams"

5-11-2016: Journalists arrested in Ferguson settle lawsuit with county

5-11-2016: Messenger: Canceled ballgame teaches 5-year-olds about Delmar Divide

Editorial note: See the BBC article, "Crossing a St Louis street that divides communities" and "St. Louis' Racial Oppression".

5-10-2016: The challenge of understanding the full dynamics of racism in 2016

5-10-2016: A St. Louis Desegregation Policy That Segregates

Editorial note: My wife and I were born, raised and educated in the City of St. Louis. After we were married, we moved to North County. We purchased and rehabbed a house in the city, but waited until school was over to move so our sons could finish the school year. When we applied to magnet schools for our sons, we were told our sons didn't qualify because they were black county residents. We moved back to the city when our oldest son finished junior high and our youngest finished second grade. I came very close to filing a lawsuit myself. I wrote a letter to the school board stating my intentions to file suit. My oldest son was granted an interview and allowed to attend magnet school. My youngest son was enrolled in a decent elementary school and attended magnet middle and high schools. The desegregation program has failed. Schools are still segregated. During the 1990s when I taught in St. Louis Public Schools, some of the brightest black students were sent to county schools while many under performing or problem white students were sent to the city. See related, "Educational Oppression" and "School to Prison Pipeline".

5-10-2016: Charges Filed Against Alameda County Deputies Who Beat Man On Camera

Editorial note: This is the first time since 1969 that deputies in the county have been charged with using excessive force, probably because other incidents were not captured on video.

5-10-2016: Missouri Legislature passes grant to attract conventions

5-10-2016: Kansas man sues over wrongful conviction, 15 years in prison

5-10-2016: Certain police body camera footage would be closed records under measure sent to Nixon

5-10-2016: St. Louis paramedic awarded $50,000 over retaliation for racial discrimination claim

5-10-2016: Appeals court in St. Louis hears arguments over special prosecutor in Michael Brown shooting

5-9-2016: National gun control group to air ad on Missouri legislation

Editorial note: See "Gun Law in Missouri"

5-9-2016: Officer in fatal shooting accidentally fires into baby's crib during routine parole visit

5-9-2016: Perceived threats to racial status drive white Americans’ Tea Party support, Stanford scholar says

5-9-2016: Black West Point cadets under scrutiny for raised fists in photo

5-9-2016: Civic Progress pledges $2 million for community programs

5-9-2016: St. Louis NAACP questions accuracy of racial profiling data

5-9-2016: Ferguson, Missouri police to stress safety, not fines: new chief

5-9-2016: Judge resigns after allegations of inappropriate sexual relationships with male defendants

5-8-2016: Nursing homes turn to eviction to drop difficult patients

5-8-2016: Body cameras win converts among police officers on the beat

5-6-2016: South Carolina’s poisonous police culture: The death of Lori Jean Ellis

5-6-2016: Court Orders Man to Forfeit Nearly $20,000, Despite No Criminal Charges and Prosecutors’ Attempt to Dismiss Case


Editorial note: This is perfect example of how castle doctrine laws are supposed to work.

5-6-2016: Police: Federal officer in custody after 3 fatal shootings

5-6-2016: St. Louis police officer leading community outreach abruptly resigns

5-6-2016: St. Louis begins 'mow to own' land giveaways

5-6-2016: Food stamps cut off for thousands of home caregivers

5-5-2016: How The Secret Service Is Trying To Handcuff The Press

5-5-2016: Woman arrested for staying silent during traffic stop sues

5-5-2016: Florida weighs whether to overturn death sentences for nearly 400 inmates

5-5-2016: Experts say Baltimore officer Nero likely planning for bench trial in Freddie Gray case

5-5-2016: Chicago prosecutor withdraws from Laquan McDonald shooting case, asks for special prosecutor

5-5-2016: Obama commutes sentences of 58 non-violent drug convicts

Editorial note: See related broken pardon promise post.

5-5-2016: First autonomous robot to operate on soft tissue outdoes human surgeons

Editiorial note: 50% of all jobs in the US will be eliminated by robotics and computerization in less than 10 years according to Oxford University and the Pew Research Center. Evidently, even doctors won't be immune.

5-5-2016: GM, Lyft to Test Self-Driving Electric Taxis

5-5-2016: Missouri House: Professors, university staff could carry guns on campus

Editorial note: See Gun Law in Missouri page.

5-5-2016: Judge says St. Louis County cannot dictate rules for municipal police

5-5-2016: Fired official plans wrongful termination suit against St. Louis County

5-5-2016: St. Louis Program Offers Vacant Lots to Neighbors for $125

Editorial note: The RiverFront Times ran an article in December when Alderpersons Chris Carter and Cara Spencer proposed the idea and gave details how it might work.

5-5-2016: AT&T Buries Language In Missouri Traffic Bill To Hinder Broadband Competition

5-5-2016: St. Louis job market gets tougher

5-5-2016: Intruders Trash Old Municipal Court Building

5-5-2016: FDA Announces Rules That Could Upend E-Cigarette Industry

5-5-2016: Zimbabwe to print own version of US dollar

Editorial note: On April 19th China began backing the Yuan with gold and refuses to accept U.S. dollars in exchange, China Says "No Dollars" for the New Yuan. U.S. dollars over time may be devalued as other countries choose other currencies. Some have predicted a possible collapse of the U.S. ecomony. Venezuela, the country with the largest oil reserves in the world, their economy has collasped. People have been rioting in the streets for food and even soldiers are stealing food.

5-5-2016: Supreme Court upholds $426K award over mortgage foreclosure

5-5-2016: As population ages, planners say St. Louis region needs more services for seniors

5-4-2016: Missouri lawmakers pass photo ID requirement for voters

5-4-2016: Chief Suspended Over E-Mail Allegedly Condoning Racial Profiling

5-4-2016: Ferguson takes steps to remove controversial prosecutor

5-4-2016: Study: Addicts Turning To Anti-Diarrhea Medication Imodium A-D To Get High

5-4-2016: Tax credit for working poor advances in House

5-4-2016: Woman sues St. Louis area school transfer program, claiming discrimination against black son

5-3-2016: Mother-Son Duo Sworn in as Flint, Michigan Police Officers

5-3-2016: CDC warns that Americans may be overmedicating youngest children with ADHD

5-3-2016: ACLU lawsuit says Akron's panhandling ordinance violates free-speech rights

5-3-2016: Messenger: Ferguson takes step backward by pressing "failure-to-comply" cases

5-2-2016: I'll 'make their life miserable': tech CEO bullies low-income vendors by his home

Editorial note: Understanding how someone else might feel about you, helps you to understand their behavior and how they might react to you in certain situations. Others won't always understand your situation and many will be unsympathetic. There are some people who equate low income with criminal. 

5-2-2016: Old Navy ad featuring interracial couple has some Twitter users fuming

5-2-2016: Death by Taser, in a padded cell, caught on camera

5-2-2016: Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $55M in second St. Louis talc-powder trial

5-2-2016: Man who served 10 years for '64 NYC killing cleared of crime

Edtiorial note: 81-year-old Paul Gatling convicted in 1964 of a murder he did not commit has finally been exonerated after 50 years. 

5-2-2016: Lab-grown meat is in your future, and it may be healthier than the real stuff

Editorial note: It may finally be time that I serious act on my thoughts of becoming a vegetarian. I'm not sure I could trust any meat once lab grown meat becomes available. 

5-2-2016: Seattle’s sanitation workers can no longer pry through trash without a warrant

Editorial note: Sanitation workers were searching to see if residents trash to see if there were any violations of city compositing law which requires organic food waste to be put in bins.

5-2-2016: Viral video appears to show man getting arrested for recording police

5-2-2016: St. Louis ranks high among best cities for starting business

Editorial note140 low cost businesses that can be started with little money. Scroll down to part 15 near the bottom of the page.

5-2-2016: Resettling the First American 'Climate Refugees'

5-2-2016: Tiny Nebraska town says no to 1,100 jobs, citing way of life

Editorial note: Nickerson Neb. a small town with about 400 residents turned down a $300 million chicken processing plant because many were concerned that the jobs would attract too many minorities and Muslims. 

5-2-2016: Colorado Supreme Court Rules Against Cities' Fracking Limits

5-2-2016: Missouri lawmakers want to loosen gun laws, while Illinois legislators seek to tighten them

5-2-2016: Missouri American Water rate plan questioned amid meter problems

5-1-2016: Drug overdose epidemic has driven increase in organ donors, data shows

5-1-2016: Missouri ranks low in financial savvy study

5-1-2016: Missouri Legislature weighs business tax breaks

5-1-2016: Health Care Price Transparency Law Clears Missouri Senate

5-1-2016: Will the city move this home from the NGA site?

5-1-2016: Legal bills mount as Ferguson stands by 'failure-to-comply' cases

5-1-2016: Cities spend millions of dollars a year to lure conventions. Is it worth it?

5-1-2016: Driverless cars, pairing ride-hailing with public transit

Editiorial note: If you make your living as a driver, start developing another marketable skill. 50% of all jobs in the US will be eliminated by robotics and computerization in less than 10 years according to Oxford University and the Pew Research Center.

5-1-2016: Despite subsidies, St. Louis retailing is a no-growth sector



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