St. Louis History Museum’s Twilight Tuesday

A new and exciting group, Projec X, will participate in a Jackson 5 Tribute on September 15th that is sure to attract and bring back fond memories to a large audience of both black and white area residents and visitors. I will be among them.

Yesterday, Twilight Tuesday, featured an R&B tribute. Three of the next four Twilight Tuesdays will feature performances sure to be of interest to black residents. Last year, I mentioned how St. Louis’ Institutions such as the St. Louis History Museum, Muny and the Art Museum were among those that seemed to ignore the majority black demographic in the City. However, that seems to be changing, at least at the History Museum.

The week after the Jackson 5 Tribute, a tribute to Stevie Wonder takes place Tuesday, September 22nd and then the Fabulous Motown Revue is scheduled to perform Tuesday, September 29th.

I congratulate the History Museum for taking this positive step in the right direction. I hope this is a new inclusive trend and I look forward to seeing and enjoying these acts that are certain to entertain what will be a very diverse audience.