Attacking Police Officers is Stupid

Three police officers were killed and several others wounded in Baton Rouge today. This appears to have been an ambush by multiple shooters. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those officers and their families.

It seems odd that multiple people would have been able to come together without attracting attention while planning a coordinated attack on police officers. It has been suggested that the Dallas Ambush was a false flag style conspiracy against BLM. I admit, I can't help but consider that days ago, major celebrities participated in 23 ways you could be killed, if you are black in America.

Attacking police officers will only increase their level of anxiety which will result in them approaching situations on edge. I had an encounter with the police last night. My mother and father were involved in a hit and run car accident. They called me and I met them, then we called the police. Two white police officers showed up. They were polite and pleasant but it was night time and I was very aware that police officers are still thinking about Dallas. Knowing officers might be on edge, I was very cautious about my movement. These attacks in Baton Rouge will only make matters worse.

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Police will legitimately wonder whether 911 calls and other incidents are ambush situations. Protesters will be placed in greater danger because the police officers will be constantly wondering if they will be targeted and might overreact to certain situations. 

I understand many people are angry about innocent people being killed by police officers; I get angry about that as well, but only a small number of police officers are involved in these incidents. Targeting, ambushing and shooting police does nothing but make matters worse. 

Violence results in more violence. Unfortunately, a few bad officers have placed all other officers in danger. If you are a police officer and you see other officers participating in behavior that restricts or violates the rights of others, especially if physical force is involved, you need to speak out. Remaining silent and allowing bad officers to go unpunished puts your life in danger because there are many mentally ill people who may react violently. 

If you are considering violence against a police officer, don't do it. Consider the fact that your actions will make police officers quicker to consider physical or deadly force in more situations. You will not only be placing your life in danger by attacking police but those in your community including your family and friends.

Additionally, attacking police make people less sympathetic to the Black Lives Matter movement and allows people to feel police are justified even when they kill unarmed innocent people.