Grand Jury Decision in Eric Garner disgraceful

Yet another grand jury deciding white police officers should not be indicted for the killing an unarmed black man. This time the victim denied justice was a non violent grandfather from New York. This is why everyone needs to learn their rights and how to invoke them properly.

For those unfamiliar with the situation, Eric Garner according to witnesses broke up a fight prior to police arriving. The two involved in the fight walked away as police approached, but Mr. Garner stayed. Mr. Garner was subsequently accused of selling regular tobacco cigerettes individually rather than by the pack, which is illegally in New York. The police seemingly did not witness Mr. Garner selling cigerettes and Mr. Garner tries to plead his case that he did not sell anything. The video does not show Mr. Garner taking a fighting or agressive stance, he simply states he does not want to be arrested for something he did not do. Watch the video below for yourself shot by Mr. Garner's friend, which is the voice you hear narrating the video in real time.