St. Louis Gangs Need to Declare Peace

Last year we posed the question: Were black Gangs, honorary Ku Klux Klan Members? Gangs in Los Angeles have taken steps to reverse the trend of violence that caused that question to be posed.

On July 17, 2016 in Los Angeles, CA a gathering of rival gang members, cops, gang interventionists, and the families and friends of gang victims took place to discuss ending violence. During the entire afternoon, not a single act of violence took place.

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The gathering was the result of a call to action by rapper and actor The Game when he sent out the following Instagram invitation: “On behalf ofmyself@SnoopDogg, & the honorable @louisfarrakhan,” he called on “all CRIPS, BLOODS, ESE’s & all other gang members, major figures & GANG LEADERS from every hood in our city…to have the much needed conversation amongst ourselves about our influence on the youth in our respective neighborhoods & how we can serve as better role models to them & the brothers we stand beside daily.”

Over 2,500 people responded to the invitation. Minister Tony Muhammad called on all who want peace and unity to raise their fists, every arm was raised, and that led to a strategy session and conflict resolution workshop on July 21st, at the Scientology Community Center.

Below is a video of Los Angeles Police Chief Charles Beck & The Game Unite to Stop the Violence

Everyone wants to live a long happy life, no one want to die violently. Many of our kids feel a sense of hopelessness because they believe that a "rigged system" has stolen their opportunity. 

Hopefully some of our local St. Louis celebrities can get together with organizations such as Better Family Life and St. Louis City and County Police Chiefs and plan a similar gathering. It worked in Los Angeles, there's no reason why it can't work in St. Louis too!

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